Saturday, May 30, 2009

Scripturelink: Up To Date: Service: Clearing up Bad Links, Despite a serious error, which destroyed the previous version of our site, we are up once again

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--Release from the Scripturelink Search engine -- --

Release written by Marc Aupiais

Despite our current, and new webhost accidentally deleting our entire online site, and discontinuing service for days, we have cleared it up with the web hosting service provided, and launched for a second time, our new hosted versions of Kindstuff, Scripturelink, and Marcaupiais (poetry).

What used to be has become,

What used to be has become,

What was once: is noted now as,

All of which are in response to events which have seen Google closing down Google Pages (and transferring those who don't opt out: to the javascript hating Google Sites). Googlepages, which freely had allowed so many people easy access to the communication potential of the internet: the "previous web host", which had disinterestedly allowed us, and many other Google users to place our content online for the first time. Googlepages: which had been the birthplace of the Scripturelink Search Engine, and of Kindstuff, and all our contents and features, which have fared so well.

Perhaps it was time after all: for us to move to paid hosting, perhaps this is a good thing, it certainly is nice to have our own domain name finally, and after years of operation, and being an advertising free service (even as Google places still, adverts on our searches to fund themselves, and not us), it perhaps was the shove we needed.

We've created two blogs to keep you up to date with our day to day running, here at,

The first, is, which is designed to inform you of important variations to our content, such as the exclusion, or addition of sites to our search engines, or other important, and notable issues. The second blog, to keep you up to date, is this one (, which will likely be much more specific and technical.

We still have one major problem, old links are moved from Google to us in a manner, which links to our previous content's setup. Our new host, wont accept some characters, which Googlepages created automatically. We of course changed most of the internal structure of our pages, with a custom made replacement tool, which we developed specifically for the task, but some old links may still not work. If you come across these, please tell us: we have built javascript into our error handing system to handle some of the broken links. We can do the same with any new ones.

Thank you for reading this announcement.

Enjoy. Marc Aupiais

As an internationally collaborative: initiative to provide a more transparent, accurate view of the world: This service is brought to you by the Scripturelink Search Engine (quotations, or confers in this service/initiative, are provided to give perspective independently, or reference some external sources: and do not imply collaboration, or any kind of affiliation, or co-operation with other services, or initiatives, which are quoted or noted in articles)

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