Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pope Apologizes to Cdn Aboriginals

---Note from editor: context of our article: "Pope" "Benedict XVI", apologized recently, in remorse of "Catholic" part of forced "education" of "aboriginals", in "Canada" from "1 800"'s, to "1970"'s.---
What is the definition of church? Sometimes IT’S a place, I left my scarf at church or AS a place, as in what time does church start? Mostly church is used to describe an organization, association, institution as in his actions and behavior was frowned upon BY the church.
The heart of church is your Christian family, those who follow Christ and entrust themselves to Him and each other. The apostle Paul spoke of the church as compared to a human body. If one member of the body is injured or sick or causes harm then the entire body suffers. It takes all kinds of members to run this body, some very visible while others quietly play a role on the inside; both types are necessary for success. Unfortunately, sometimes we have ghastly members within our own Church which surface and cannot be tolerated for fear of destroying our faith.

Sometimes our past cannot be changed because it’s damaged, but it is the past, we can’t ever change the past, it’s done and gone, we have to leave it in the past and move forward to today, the present, we have to live and plan for tomorrow our future.

At times we need to speak about the past to be able to move forward as in the case this week where “Pope Benedict XVI” met with “Phil Fontaine”, “leader of the Assembly of the First Nations” and Canadian bishops, to speak on behalf of the church.

From the 19th century until the 70’s more than 150,000 aboriginal children were forced to attend federally funded Christian schools in an effort to adjust them into Canadian society. Families sent their children to these various schools from ages six to 15. Schools were run by assorted religious denominations, approximately 60% of them Catholic. Reports emerged of overcrowding, poor sanitation, and physical and sexual abuse, and schools began to close.

The church has paid millions in compensation but never spoke on the topic. I think the Pope did a lot of good for the people and the church standing up and acknowledging his feelings of hurt and anguish of the evil that members of our faith have done within teachings of the church. A strong voice of the Pope will make all the difference to hopefully help some former students and victims move forward with their hurt and their faith in our church or struggles they have. This announcement by the Pope himself was for healing and moving forward to rebuild a relationship with faith and prayer for these unfortunate victims of horrific violence.

The government has publically admitted to calling this a forced “cultural genocide” which had physical and sexual abuse that ran rampant in these schools. Aboriginal’s leaders state that those actions have wreaked havoc causing huge amounts of alcoholism and drug addiction on the reserves.
Accepting the invitation to meet with the Pontiff himself personally in Rome was a grand gesture of reconciliation that His Holiness, Pope Benedict made towards rebuilding the CanadianChurch. In Ottawa, “Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahi” said the words of the Pontiff were much appreciated.

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