Thursday, May 14, 2009

'Palestine', 'Middle East': 'Pope' 'Benedict XVI' supports an 'independent' 'Palestinian' State

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. 'The Star' (an 'IOL' paper: secular; Independent; South African) 14 / 05 (May) / 2009; 'BBC World News' (secular; Independent; British) 10 / 01 (January) / 2005; 17 / 06 (June) / 2007)

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Article by Marc Aupiais

'Benedict XVI' supports a 'Two State' 'Israeli'/'Palestinian' solution

According to 'South Africa''s 'The Star' newspaper: on the 13th of 'May' '2009', the 'Roman Catholic' 'Pontiff', and 'Vatican head of State', 'His Holiness', 'Pope Benedict XVI': had for the second time, during his recent 'Middle Eastern' trip, called for a "two-state" (quote from IOL) solution to the 'Israeli'/'Palestinian' quagmire of death, politics and violence.

In context, the 'pontiff''s statements of support, were made to 'Palestinian' 'President' 'Mahmoud Abbas', who has control of the 'West Bank', and is a founding member of 'Fatah', a political front for 'Yasser Arafat''s 'Palestine Liberation Organisation'('PLO'). They were not made to 'Hamas' (acronym for 'Islamic resistance Movement'), which recently caused a massive backlash from the previous 'moderate' 'Israeli' administration, which has now been replaced by a less 'moderate' administration.

'Pope' 'Benedict XVI' had already called for an 'independent' 'Palestine', on 'Monday', when he arrived in the territory known as 'Israel'. Some analysts, view the 'Israeli' response to what they called 'terrorism', by 'Hamas', as the last clutching at straws, of the more 'moderate' predecessor, of current 'Israeli' 'Prime Minister': 'Benjamin Netanyahu', who 'The Star' notes: does not believe that Palestinians are ready to govern themselves, and has not openly called for a 'Palestinian State'.

The 'Pope', noted his support for such a plan, as an 'independent' 'Palestine', to the 'Israelis', in "Israel', and now to the 'Palestinians', in 'Palestine', with his statements to 'Palestinian' 'Prime Minister' 'Mahmoud Abbas':

"Mr President, the Holy See supports the right of your people to a sovereign Palestinian homeland in the land of your forefathers, secure and at peace with its neighbours, within internationally recognised borders."
('The Star' (an 'IOL' paper: secular; Independent; South African) 14 / 05 / 2009)

Visiting 'Abrahamic' 'Holy sites'

Before making the statement he did, 'Pope' 'Benedict XVI', had already visited the 'Wailing Wall', and 'Dome of Rock', in 'Jerusalem'. The first, a 'Jewish' 'Holy Site', the second, an 'Islamic' one. 'Islam', 'Christianity', and 'Judaism', all consider 'Jerusalem' to be a 'Holy' city, containing 'Holy' sites.

'Holocaust' Memorial

On a previous day: After 'Pope' 'Benedict XVI', lamented the 'Holocaust', at a 'Holocaust memorial' (known to have at least one display alleged as attacking the 'Catholic Church', and 'Pope' 'Pius XII' who lead the church in 'World War II'), a man 'Euronews' called 'Israel's' top 'Rabbi', picked the 'Pope's' speech apart, noting that he had not used the word 'murdered', but the word 'killed', when referring to the millions who 'Benedict XVI' affirmed: died in the 'holocaust'/'Shoah'. The 'Rabbi' was also noting that the 'pope', did not, in his opinion, mention the 'Nazis' explicitly. Having monitored the speech for our viewers, this service notes: that the 'pontiff', who himself was subjected to 'Nazi' coercion, and in protest, deserted the 'German' army in 'World War II', seemed to focus less on the politics, and more on the human element, further, lamenting, as many of the 'rabbi''s contemporaries have not: that 'genocides' and the like continue to be performed today, and must be stopped.

"Pilgrim of Peace" ('Pope' 'Benedict XVI')

'Pope' 'Benedict XVI', has repeatedly been quoted, as claiming he has taken this journey as a 'spiritual' "pilgrim of peace".

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