Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Middle East": Benedict XVI in the region, visits "Jordan"

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Article by Marc Aupiais

"His Holiness", "Shepherd" of the "Holy Roman Catholic, and Apostolic Faith", "Pope" "Benedict XVI", is visiting the region in our world, commonly known as the "Middle East". Despite attacks on his integrity, by some, and the spoking up of tensions, caused by his previous "scholarly" quotation (2 years ago (12th "September", "2006"), at the " University" Of "Regensburg", the "Pope" made the quotation, after which allot of inter-religious dialogue did follow, despite some very negative reation) of the "Byzantine" "Emporer" "Manuel II", who had, centuries prior, made a speech calling for the crusades, against "Islam", the centuries old quote, was allegedly recalled in a scholarly context, and it seems the "Vatican" emphasized that it was not an opinion of the "Pope", but of the long dead "Eastern Roman"/"Byzantine" "Emperor", "Benedict XVI", has not been deterred, from attempting to further relations with the various peoples of the "Middle East", with the occupants of "Jordan", "Palestine", and of the region commonly called "Israel", which he plans to visit, despite recent anger by sections in the "Vatican", over the "Israeli" response to what "Israel" called "terrorism" against its people: by "Palestinian" grouping: "Hamas" (an acronym for: "Islamic Resistance Movement"), and despite open protests against the "Papacy", by some.

"Pope" "Benedict XVI", has been careful to emphasize, his mission: to the "Holy Land", as a representative of the church, on a "pilgrimage of peace", is "Spiritual", not "Political". He did so, on his flight from "Rome", "Italy", to "Amman", "Rabbah", "Jordan", when finally interviewed by "Vatican" media liaison: "Father" "Federico Lombardi".

Various alleged parties to multiple conflicts which have sporadically emerged, dotted throughout the so-called "Middle East", have often been blamed for alleged use of religious icons, and alleged abuse of solidarity to various faiths, in order to achieve political means, allegedly foreign to such faiths. Despite threats, and risk, the "Holy Roman Pontiff", has decided to take this trip, so shortly after the recent skirmish between "Hamas" (an acronym for "Islamic Resistance Movement"), and the previous "Israeli" administration. He hopes to strengthen "Consciences", and, by reference to the position of the church, in the peace hopes, seemingly claims that parties, must see beyond special interests: to find peace, which are in his opinion, a hindrance to persons seeing the real "issues", and holding to true "values".

"Benedict XVI", wants to promote diologue, between all three of the "Abrahamic" "Religions", between "Christianity", "Islam", and "Judaism". He seems to hope, that religion, can contribute to some lasting peace in the war-torn region.

On landing in "Jordan", at "Amman"'s International "Airport", the "Pontiff", met with "Jordan"'s "King" "Abdullah II" and "Queen" "Rania", the "king" praised "Benedict XVI"'s visit as historic, while the "Vatican Head of State", congratulated the leader of "Jordan", for its "openness", in that "Christians" could build churches, the "Pontiff", also praised the "king", for allowing refuge to those fleeing nearby "Iraq", and for his perception of its efforts at causing peace in the "Israeli"-"Palestinian" quagmire.

The "Vatican Head of State", claims to be in "Jordan", to venerate "Holy Sites".

The "Roman Pontiff" went on, visiting the "Regina Pacis" (Latin for: (assumed reference to "Mary": "Our Lady")(direct:) "Queen of Peace"), a place which aims at rehabilitating those with various disabilities, so that they can once again operate functionally within society. "Pope" "John Paul II", blessed a stone which forms part of the centre, in "2001". It was founded by "Bishop Selim Sayegh", "Titular Bishop of Aquae in Proconsulari", who was ordained a "Bishop" in "1982" (06th "January"), by "Pope" "John Paul II". "Bishop" "Sayegh", was concerned by the treatment of disabled persons in society.

The centre is inter-religious, with both "Christian", and "Muslim" volunteers, and takes care of disabled persons, regardless of creed. The pope was greeted in several languages by occupants of the centre, as well as by both "Christian" and "Muslim" volunteers. He asked the young disabled persons, for a favour, to pray for his pilgrimage, in their region.

And, what shall the "Pontiff" do next?

According to ("Catholic News agency (Catholic; Independent; American) 09 / 05 (May) / 2009):

"During the Papal Mass on May 10 in Amman, Jordan, Pope Benedict XVI will give First Communion to 40 Iraqi children, according to the Secretary of the Chaldean Diocese of Jordan, Msgr. Raymond Moussalli.

The SIR news agency reports that Msgr. Moussalli, who is in charge of welcoming Iraqi refugees in Amman, said Jordan children would be among the group as well. "Their desire is to pray with the Pope for reconciliation and peace in Iraq. It will be an important moment for us faithful not only in Jordan but also in Iraq."

"Everyone trusts in the words of comfort and support from the Holy Father," he continued. "Their desire is to see him in Iraq but I don’t know if or when this will be possible," the monsignor said.

"There is great hope among the Iraqi refugees in Jordan," he explained. "In addition, today a group of Christian and Muslim intellectuals from Iraq that live in Jordan have written a letter asking Benedict XVI to take note of the sufferings of the people and the Church in Iraq so that everything possible is done to stop the flow of Christians out of the country. The letter has been sent to the Nuncio," he said." 

On Monday, he is expected to visit the more troubled section of the "Middle East", the "Israeli"/"Palestinian" region.

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