Thursday, May 14, 2009

'EU', 'Europe', 'Spain': 'Socialist' 'Executive' want to increase 'abortions'

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Euronews (Secular; French; Independent; seemingly biased on some subjects) 14 / 05 / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

According to 'Euronews', the 'socialist' 'Spanish' government, has decided to further legalize 'abortions' (the killing of a mother's human offspring, while still in the womb). The 'Spanish' 'socialist' rulers, have often clashed with the 'Catholic Church' in the country, which almost openly supports their 'opposition'. The 'socialists', came to power as a result of the 'Madrid' 'terror attacks', which the 'Islamist' 'Al Qaeda',had aimed at 'passenger trains'.

According to 'Euronews', the legislation will allow women, extending this to females under the tender age of 16, to have an abortion up to 14 ('fourteen') weeks, which is about three and a half (about 3 months and 15 days) months, into pregnancy. 'Euronews' notes, that 'Spain''s often abused 'abortion' laws, previously usually required a 'medical condition' to be present. The 'Catholic Church', also condemned the current 'pro'-'abortion' legislation, as it is condemning the suggested amendment.

The 'Socialist' 'Spanish' 'Government's' 'health minister': 'Trinidad Jiménez', also wants to make the 'morning after pill', an over the counter drug. The 'pill', according to the 'Catholic Church', itself functions as an abortant, when its other functions have not succeeded.

The current codification of the 'Catholic Church's' 'Canon Law', automatically excommunicates persons from the 'Catholic Church', both for procuring, or assisting in an 'Abortion', but further, for assistance given. Such excommunication, also takes into account a number of other factors.

While the legislation has yet to be passed, and is being apposed by the 'Roman Catholic Church', and 'Spain's' 'official opposition party': the 'Popular Party', it is unlikely that anything, but 'social forces' could prevent this further falling away from respect for the 'womb borne' 'child'. 'Spain', already creates children outside of the womb, 'abortion'/'killings' are then performed, or 'freezing', of those which have a 'genetic makeup' ('DNA') other than that the parents ask for, the 'designed' child, which survives, must meet the parents requirements in such cases, in order to be placed in their womb, and carried to term. Such was also apposed by the weakened'Spanish Catholic Church', as abortion, 'Genetic Modification of human beings', and 'implanting' an 'embryo', are all apposed by the 'Catholic Church'.

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