Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vatican news: Is the Vatican unofficially breaking relations with the US, or perhaps even vice Versa?

(Social Justice South Africa ; c.f. BBC World News (Secular; British; Governmental) 15 / 04 (April) / 2009 )

Article by Marc Aupiais

Odd, how we judge based on culture. Often, it is a problem in the circles of some people within the Catholic church: if someone is Catholic, or a priest: they are more "believable" than the word of that someone outside the "church"? Odd: how in the face of this: many of the worse offenders against Catholic morals are those who are most famously "Catholic". Fortunately: the "Vatican" does not seem to suffer from this bias. They've stood against the "IRA" ("Irish Republican Army"), and they are standing up against some very powerful "American" "Catholics", and powerful persons in general.

"Caroline Kennedy", has been reported by some "Italian" sources: as firstly being suggested as an ambassador to the "Vatican" for "America": and secondly been reported as rejected for such. All unofficially of course.

The "Vatican" denies the making of: any "official" propositions for Ambassador to the "Holy See", by the "Democrat" run "Obama" administration, of a "North American" nation known as "The United States of America", according to the BBC: however: unofficially: many sources have noted that several suggestions for the job have been turned down.

"Caroline Kennedy": being a famous Catholic: and a famous opponent of Catholic Dogma on abortion: is apparently on the naughty list, which was turned down.

Now, it's all hush hush, and nothing's official: but then again often politics is. Apparently: the "Vatican" won't accept these "Obama" Administration candidates for one reason: the same reason a noted official at the "Vatican" declared some time ago that if "Barak Hussein Obama" enacted FOCA, a pro-abortion legislative pipe-dream of "Obama"'s: that they would consider such an "act of war" (powerful/strong language, what it means is really uncertain). The "Vatican": according to some sources: is making a stance against Abortion: something many local Bishops Conferences could take a hint from.

Now, the BBC says that since the "Vatican" and the "US of A": entered into relations in the 1980s (1984 according to the BBC): that all US ambassadors to the "Vatican" have both been Catholics, and Pro-life Catholics: simply being Catholic has never been enough.

Granted: the "Vatican"'s: Father "Federico Lombardi": denies any "Official" submissions, but when don't the Vatican these days use politically correct vocabulary: several reliable sources have stood by the same facts as the BBC. It appears as though the "US", and the "Vatican": just like "Israel" and the "US", and allot of countries and the "US": can expect "choppy" (to use the word the BBC uses) relations in the coming times.

It could simply be the policy of Pro-Life Catholic Ambassadors to the "Vatican" at stake: in the eyes of the "Vatican" that is: or this could be a silent statement about the "United States of America" on behalf of the "Vatican". Usually when the church is silent: or gives such sorts of comments: it means as much as when they make a noise. The church has been oddly silent about allot of "American" issues lately. Especially this one: for years: America has been a center for both many of the most loyal and noted Catholics: and for the most progressively strange if they consider themselves loyal to the church.

If no acceptible candidate is found to replace: "Harvard Professor: Mary Ann Glendon" (An ambassador who served under the Bush Administration to the "Holy See"): it could well be seen as an unofficial breaking of ties between the "USA", an economic and military world power: and the "Vatican:" an influential voice in social matters.

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