Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Southern Cross' Editor in Chief's: attack on "Catholic Culture"/"Trinity Communications", and "South African Catholic", both of which criticized the w

The "Southern Cross": is a "catholic" weekly sold in "Southern African" "Catholic" Parishes. The "Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference" ("SACBC"): does have partial control of it: in "South Africa" their parishes sell the paper in churches around the country, where priests advertise the paper: to parishioners. "Cardinal Wilfred Napier": noted to us, in a 2008 email conversation: that the "Southern Cross": has what he called: an "anti-magisterial bias": and often portrays the views of the "world", rather than those of the "Church": we have published the email: here (">Cardinal Napier's response to concerns over the Southern Cross).

Editor of the "Southern Cross": "Southern Cross" has been around for 88 years. Reader of an article in his paper is "Wrong" to ask for an external source other than the views of the "Southern Cross".

Reader links to an article by "South African Catholic": noting the "Southern Cross"'s status as noted by "Catholic Culture"/"Trinity Communications".

"Gunther Simmermacher": calls "South African Catholic": a "joke" of a site, and "paranoid", and like a "Valentine"'s day teddy: ironically siting mention of "seemless garment" approach to abortion: which "Catholic Culture": not our own organization had criticized the "Southern Cross" for: the "Southern Cross was supporting a radically pro-abortion politician via such statements.

Via email: "Gunther": editor of the "Southern Cross": had previously given "South African Catholic" full permission to criticize them positively, or critically. The "Southern Cross": also sidesteps the issues, and evidence noted by "Catholic Culture", by attacking the sources of criticism.

Reader of "Southern Cross": asks how the "Southern Cross" can be the only authority, and questions the actions of the Editor.

"Southern Cross" editor: says that the "Mitchel's Plain" church's priest has "banned" his paper: in response to the viewer of the article raising a banning of the "Southern Cross": the editor then goes on to say that the choice by the said pastor: was against the views of his bishop.

The "Southern Cross" has been internationally lambasted by Catholic Media, including "Trinity Communications"/"Catholic Culture": for their support of radically pro-abortion politicians, their conistent attacks on Vatican policy, their position on contraception, etc. They have also got a habit, according to "Cardinal Wilfred Napier": of the "Archdiocese of Durban": who replied (click here to view) to an email from our service: publishing letters against the church. The Cardinal also claims they have an anti-magisterial bias. The Magisterium is the "Infallible": doctrine of the church.

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