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"South African Catholic": doesn't know Catholic doctrine: pro-condoms "Southern Cross": to their readers

(Media Study South Africa)

From the Editor of "South African Catholic":

Recently an article by "South African Catholic": covering issues in the "Southern Cross" was sited by a reader of theirs: on their web site: in questioning the credibility of one of their articles (which they did not justify). Our site used to have an agreement with the "Southern Cross" on publishing: until we were warned against such: for our international credibility.

"South African catholic": is an initiative of the "Scripturelink Search Engine": rated internationally for fidelity to the faith:

The "Southern Cross"'s website, which airs their editorials is also rated by the same international site:

They are however on a danger list: noted for: "very dissident material": for attacking unjustly Vatican decisions: and for what "Catholic Culture" terms to be "the seamless garment approach" to abortion (used to justify an American radically pro-abortion politician), their support for condoms is also not appreciated by "Catholic Culture"/"Trinity Communications".

In reply to a request from our organization: Cardinal Wilfred Napier said the following:

"2) The orthodoxy of the Southern Cross
In this case I would argue that from time to time, and on given issues, editorial practice does not follow stated policy as closely as one would expect. At times there may be justifiable divergence of opinion, at other times it would seem that editorial independence is being given priority.

If you are a regular reader of the Southern Cross you will know that I have often expressed my concern at its anti-magisterial bias. I do not mean that it openly opposes Church teaching but like a nagging sore keeps on putting the world’s view rather than the Church’s. This is often done I would say rather by the choice of letter for publication rather than by direct editorial statements.

As you can see I am not a total fan of the Southern Cross, but I would not seek to shut it up. I would prefer to see ordinary Catholics take issue with its position by affirming their faith in letter that tell their faith stories. I am confident that these stories would reveal a reality that is very different from the reality which certain people are trying to present through the Southern Cross.
archive (25 / 12 / 2008): we are prepared to forward the actual letter.

So, when it was mentioned that internationally recognized media such as ours: had apposed them: by a reader of their internet site, what was the "Southern Cross's" response:

Please note: it was "Trinity Communications"/ "Catholic Culture": who noted that the "Seemless Garment" approach to abortion: is in conflict with Catholic Teaching: the "joke site" perceived by "Gunther" refers to our "South African Catholic" news and information service:

"Gunther Simmermacher { 03.19.09 at 1:16 pm }
That is one single joke site which can’t tell a Church teaching from the paranoia of their own minds. I’d not put too much stock in a critique which suggests that the theology of the seamless garment is in conflict with Church teachings. Being criticised by that site is like being assaulted with an overly fleecy Valentine’s Day teddy bear.

As for the catholic Culture blog: it means well, I’m sure, but I think it is overreaching in its attempts at apologetics. I don’t think it quite understands the nature and function of Church teachings. I’m quite sure that even the Holy Father would not agree with its approach.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll tell me where Michael Shackleton’s article is making statements you find problematic.

(as to their article, exactly what they are saying is unclear, we make no comment on it)

That "Catholic Culture": is not just a blog, but an internationally recognized website, and that "Trinity Communications" (it's parent company) created large parts of what is now the "EWTN" website, and that it includes "Catholic World News": known for being reliable, does not seem to phase "Gunther". Nor does the problem he has with internet terminology.

The sad fact, is that the "Southern Cross": is partly owned by the Bishops Conference: hence their dilemma. There is allot more information on our side, as it is, we have not decided to air such: our service prefers not to break trust, and also prefers to portray the church as is. It is unfortunate, that the "Southern Cross": finds an independent pro-life news source to be a "joke": and that while this service's editor: is internationally lauded for apologetics: that they claim he knows nothing of Catholic doctrine. As it is, one of our main purposes is to present a more accurate image of the world. Such a perspective of "Independent" media is a terrible problem in "South Africa"'s Catholic Church: that local hierarchy does not always view "Independent" as just that is a problem: but the larger one lies in that the church itself sells a paper which consistently is biased against the Vatican, in letters published by it, and in their editorials, a paper which gets most of its articles from: "CNS": "Catholic News Service": which likewise portrays the church in a highly odd manner to say the least.

What bothers our service is not that "Gunther" views our fidelity to the faith, and against abortion: to be that of a "Joke": but rather: that the Bishops conference: consistently allows him to attack the Vatican: from a service they partly own: which they advertise in churches, which they distribute. The "Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference" ("SACBC"): which has more than just some representatives: knowing this about the "Southern Cross": has hardly acted to change things: nor has the Nuncio in our territory replied to our requests on the matter.

That said, this service is proud to be seen as a "joke": more proud to be seen as "paranoid" (yes, we think that a fetus could be just what "fetus" means in Latin: "Offspring").

As is, we proudly inform the viewers of our different and diverse services: that we will not fall to local church politics, and we will not conceal the truth out of political benefit within the local church: as it is, we are deeply pleased by this news: at least the "Southern Cross": finally has shown themselves as is. They may be 80 years old, but I doubt "Gunther" is.

P.s. it was not us who referred to the "Seamless Garment": but "Trinity Communications: which did. This is important, as such opposition of the "Southern Cross" is their basis, seemingly of calling our service a "joke".

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