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South Africa: "ANC" several seats short of two thirds in "National Assembly": needed to change majority of Constitution

(Social Justice South Africa, c.f. News24 via SAPA (Independent, South African, Secular) 25 / 04 (April) / 2009; Elections map (out of date at time of publishing); Eyewitness News (South African; Independent; Secular) 25 / 04 (April) / 2009 )

Article by Marc Aupiais

"ANC": short of two thirds majority in the "NA": "National Assembly": which section 74 of the "Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996" (previously known as act 108 of 1996): required to change the "Constitution" in general (there are also stipulations involving 6 out of 9 provinces or the like: which did not come into play this election):

With 65.89% ("Sixty-Five point eight-nine" percent)of the vote: the "ANC" ("African National Congress"): is crucially about 2 seats short of the 267 ("two hundred and sixty-seven") seats in the house of parliament known as the "NA" ("National Assembly"): that they would require in order to change most sections of the "Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996". So says "Eyewitness News": However it seems: from two other sources: that the "ANC": only has 264 of the 400 seats in the "NA": either way, all the agencies agree: they will not have the two thirds required to change the "Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996" (most recently amended by the "ANC" this year). According to "News24": the "ANC" has 126 seats in the provincial house of parliament.

The "DA": "Democratic Alliance": is set to be "South Africa"'s "Official Opposition", having additionally gained the "Western Cape":

The "Democratic Alliance": got about 16.66% ("Sixteen point sixty-six" percent) of the National vote: according to "News24", and has outright taken the "Western Cape": where they had previously taken its Capitol: "Cape Town". The "Western Cape": is one of "South Africa"'s 9 "Provinces", and as a province: has 1/9 ("one ninth") of the vote in the "NCOP" ("National Council of Province": one of the two houses of parliament in "South Africa"). According to "News24" this translates into 67 seats in the "NA", and 16 provincial seats. The "DA" got 51.33% ("Fifty-one an a third" percent) in the "Western Cape".

"COPE": "Congress of the People": gaining it's name from a gathering where the "ANC" (among others) gained its mandate during "Apartheid": an "ANC" offshoot: is set to be runner up to being "Official Opposition": in "South Africa": gaining the third largest percentage of votes:

Nationally, the third best fairing party was "COPE": "Congress of the People": with about 7.41% ("Seven point forty-one" percent)(according to "News24") of the vote for position in the "NA" ("National Assembly"). That gives them 30 seats in the "NA", and 16 in the provincial house of parliament: according to "News24".

Because of this, it seems that fledgling"COPE": is set to be runner up to the position of "Official Opposition", with the "DA" remaining the "Official Opposition".

"ANC" president "Jacob Zuma": is set to become "South Africa"'s next president: despite what many have called multiple "Clouds" hanging over his head: the "ANC" leader claims there isn't even "mist" over his head:

"Jacob Zuma", the "ANC"'s president since their party voted on leadership at "Polokwane": a proud polygamist, and populist, who openly admits to have commited what the west considers "adultery" (this during a rape trial, where he admitted to having sex with an HIV positive AIDS activist, who had unsuccessfully attempted to get him convicted on allegations of rape): is set to become "South Africa"'s next president.

Editorially: His multiple promises, according to observers: seem to contradict each other: often entirely.

Elections generally "Free and Fair": regional Observers:

On an editorial point: While there does not appear to have been high level vote rigging: within the "IEC" ("Independent Electoral Commission"), "Social Justice South Africa": would like to raise concern, over various anomalies during the electoral process.

Both "SADC" ("Southern African Development Community") and the "AU" ("African Union") have declared the 2009 "National Election" in "The Republic of South Africa" ("RSA"/ "ZAR") to be "free and fair".

"ANC" has lost support, this election:

While the "ANC" still gained a resounding victory: their reduction from 70% ("Seventy percent") of the vote for the "National Assembly" in 2004, where "Thabo Mbeki" became president: to 65.89%: and their reduction in votes in every province except "Kwazulu Natal" ("KZN"): means that they have significantly lost out since the previous elections.

Post-election Violence less likely due to "ANC" not getting two thirds (2/3rds) majority needed, in addition to their provincial numbers: in order to amend the "Bill of Rights" ("Chapter Two of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996"):

Due to the results, as they are: there is less likely to be post-election violence in "South Africa": due to a perception of a victory of sorts: for all major players in this past election. "Members of Parliament": are set to be "Sworn in": on the 6th (Sixth) of the 5th month ("May") 2009. A not to enthusiastic "Jacob" Zuma", is currently reading a speech on television. The mooted president to be: has said he would unite opposition with his aims: an unfortunate promise, if one is to view past examples of such: which in the "United States of America": caused "Barak Obama"'s opponents to realize that it was and is more beneficial to obstruct his way, on most issues.

Some issues with the Press: (all do agree on the important point though):

While different press agencies are giving us different calculations of seats in the "NA", it does appear: the "ANC"'s previous over 2/3rds ("Two Thirds") majority days are over: 2 separate press agencies agree on 264. Another appeared to say the "ANC" had 265 seats: again: noting: it is not enough to gain the 2/3rds ("Two Thirds") required to change the constitution: in addition to their provincial support. The "Two Thirds" refers to the "NA" house of parliament, and not to the national vote: in order to institute changes to "Constitutional" sections/laws in general.

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