Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Social Justice South Africa": some voters told: Vote ANC, or else? Voter intimidation, Tutu Votes, Mbeki Votes, Ballot shortage?, and other issues!

(Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Note: results: now are only expected to be out by the weekend, according to "ENEWSCHANNEL"!

This article is based on external, and usually reliable news sources: we cannot however guarantee the facts in this article, nor endorse the views of other services: which are mentioned, as they are based on third party sources: however: such are generally accurate sources. All external sources in this article: are secular, and independent. Expect results out around Midday on the 23rd of April 2009.

"News 24" has a story of proported voter intimidation in Limpopo:,,2-2478-2479_2505343,00.html

Where a Chief ("Tshivhase") has purportedly told his "subjects": who to vote for to stay in his favor: he owns their land. "African Eye": whose story is hosted on  "News 24" claims that there were government officials ("agriculture MEC Dikeledi Magadzi and Limpopo premier Cassel Mathal") near the chief: who did nothing to contradict him.

There is a story out of East London: alleging that an election table: told an elderly lady to vote "ANC", and showed her to put a cross next to their party:,,2-2478-2479_2505334,00.html

The "ANC", or their supporters: has frequently been questioned publicly by several sources: who have alleged things such as: taxpayer funded food for votes, or the like such as the above mentioned article: about a woman being told how to vote: which comes from the "South African Press Association". Comments by "Jacob Zuma" about the "Constitutional Court" (In "Braamfontein", "Johannesburg"): have raised fears for separation of powers, as have threats previously made against multiple "counter-revolutionaries": by members of the "ANC"'s three party alliance. Newspaper reports: claiming that the "ANC": is partly funded by the "Chinese" "Communist" party, amongs others: raised fears recently: when the "Dalai Lama" was refused a Visa into "South Africa": where he was expected to speak at a peace conference.

Meanwhile: "Desmond Tutu", who had said he would not vote, as a show of no confidence to the "ANC": has voted: it is unsure whether or not the controversial "Anglican" retired "Clergyman" voted for the ruling party. "Desmond Tutu" has previously supported the pro-"homosexual unions", radically pro-abortion party. His lack of clarification on his vote, could suggest either saving face: or a vote for an opposition party.,,2-2478-2479_2505266,00.html

The "ANC" is predicted to win this election, however: this year, there is question of whether or not they will still be able to consistently change the constitution as they have done: even into 2009. The leader of the "ANC": has promised not to "abuse" his power, and has noted: that the economic climate may prevent him delivering on seemingly unrealistic election promises.

Meanwhile: the "IEC": "Independent Electoral Board":

has noted some irregularities:,,2-2478-2479_2505341,00.html

Results are expected to be released on Thursday, around midday. More than in previous elections: there are fears of violence from multiple sources, due to how hotly contested, and emotive these elections have been. Extra security forces were deployed in "KwaZulu Natal": due to election fears: and "South Africa" is quite divided over these elections. What is feared more, by some sources: most: is not simply the elections, but what happens afterwards. There has also been a situation, where pre-marked ballot papers were discovered, by a "DA" Representative, there was apparently action taken.

"Thabo Mbeki", "South Africa"'s previous democratically elected president (disposed of by the "ANC": and replaced by "Motlante" (under whom the head of prosecution against "Jacob Zuma" was fired: his acting successor dropped the corruption case) before the election): also refused to say who he voted for. There were apparently not enough ballot papers available: which the "IEC" puts down to large turnout: however such lack could be concerning for credibility: there were certainly temporary shortages reported by news: apparently some voters had to wait several hours for ballot papers to arrive, after the papers were allegedly finished off. The "IEC": said such is due to the organizers not expecting so many "Special" voters yesterday, but later blamed it on the thickness of the paper: that there were not enough boxes, and noted that they knew of no shortage of ballot papers:,,2-2478-2479_2505473,00.html

Prior the elections, "Facbook" has also been a busy buzz of activity's place: those apposing "Jacob Zuma": have created ton after ton of "Facebook" groups. "Jacob Zuma": is likely to be the divisive next president of "South Africa": he is also likely to be loved by his supporters and disliked by his enemies: already: the taxpayer has spent millions on his protection: something odd: for someone who was not holding office at the time.

What makes these issues of interest: is that the "IEC": has usually appeared to have things under control. Yesterday, "IEC" officials looked almost angry as they gave a press conference. They noted that there was use of brown boxes in the place of voters' boxes at times, and blamed part of the alleged problem on the amount of parties partaking, and an allowance made: that people could vote at stations they had not registered at.

As to an interesting foreign view: "Canada"'s "Globe and Mail": makes their summary of the "R"SA situation: saying also: that "Zuma" is an ex-"Communist Party" member:

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