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SOCIAL JUSTICE SA: Are strategically kept: nuclear weapons in themselves: the international crime, listed under the UN genocide declaration: "Conspiracy to commit genocide"?

(Social Justice South Africa )

Article by Marc Aupiais

--Genocide questions: series of articles-- "Modern Western Genocides?"--

--Genocide-- Is the keeping of Nuclear weapons, either in threat of use: or intent of use-- the crime: conspiracy to commit genocide: listed under the UN definition of Genocide?--- Ultimately interested look at the idea--fault?--must conspiracy to commit genocide: be secretive: or can simple agreement to commit genocide suffice: but most, if not all legal systems do not require secrecy for "conspiracy", or the equivalent to have taken place-- meaning that the definition could well  be adequate to be the crime mentioned--

Before starting, I am about to link to my favorite UN ("United Nations") declaration of all time: the same by which this service has raised questions about current and past situations: involving certain anonymous European and a certain North American country as regards crimes under the genocide declaration: before.

--Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide-- Approved and proposed for signature and ratification or accession by General Assembly resolution 260 A (III) of 9 December 1948-- entry into force 12 January 1951, in accordance with article XIII--
As Listed on the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights' website!

herein quoted from: as "The Convention".

According to The Convention listed: "acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such": (after which it lists just five actions which are genocide): are genocide.

Previously we covered Article 2 section d of "The Convention": noting that it is not that hard to claim ...based on it: that abortion laws: aimed at a national group: as laws generally are: were in fact: intrinsically aimed at reducing future population: as the Genocide declaration feared: by listing the imposing of efforts to prevent births: and that such fear could only be for future population: and that those supporting legal abortion: intrinsically desire a proportion of a national group to be prevented: whether or not for population control-- and further: that such laws are generally: if not always: imposed, or enforced on a population, or government-- No counter arguments have yet been offered by viewers of the argument therein presented.

For the present article: we will look at the Genocide declaration as relation to the proposition: that the use of nuclear weapons against another nation's cities: is genocide: and that keeping nuclear weapons: even as a threat to do this: could be the crime the genocide declaration names: "Conspiracy to commit Genocide"("The Convention").

Programs such as the American, or French nuclear programs: claim to be defensive: yet even American policies have admitted exactly how they plan to prevent harm to their on population: their nuclear program against Russia: was popularly known as MAD: "Mutually Assured Destruction": yet: the threat by which they protect themselves is one and the same: we will attack people of your national or ethnic grouping: if you do this or that. While for political reasons: is it  not in itself: the dropping of a nuclear bomb, or the launching of such: which is the seeming set plan: is this not the very crime: as it is aimed at the particular intent of destroying part of a national etc group: the intent behind the intent: surely does not matter in such?

Genocide is always aimed at a specific grouping: usually national or ethnic.

If a nuclear weapon were launched, and hit a country: lets say two Japanese cities: filled with civilians: would that be genocide: is it aimed to destroy in part or whole: a specific national group, is it aimed at those of a specific national group, is it one of the defined actions: such as killing members of a group?

Is this not the policy of many "Nuclear" states: being worked with on nuclear weapons: if they strike their own cities: they will strike those of others? Is this not the threat: the basis by which nuclear weapons are used, or stored?

Yet, surely: is it genocide if we only plan to do it if, say they do this: or they do that?

The answer, is it is highly possibly another "punishable": crime listed under the genocide declaration:

"Article 3

The following acts shall be punishable:"("The Convention")
(b) "Conspiracy to commit genocide;"("The Convention")

In general conspiracy is a plot, or scheme: usually a secretive one: a scheme being:

"3: a plan or program of action ; especially : a crafty or secret one"
(Merriam Webster Dictionary: Scheme)

Now, in general: it would seem that whether or not one kept one's plan to commit genocide is secret or how secret: would not affect whether or not one had a plan to commit genocide: surely: whether secret or generally known about: contextually the word conspire: would relate to an agreement to commit genocide: whether bold or secretive.

In fact, it would seem: that in referring to conspiracy: one refers to simply the crime of agreeing to do something illegal. Such is what most legal systems would define the crime of conspiracy as.

And so: we have the threat to commit genocide: we have the seeming plan to commit genocide: and we have that the only purposeful intent of most "Nuclear Powers": is to attack an enemy's cities?

Is "Nuclear Power" over another nations: nothing but "Genocide Threat Power": we welcome suggestions on either side of this issue.

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