Monday, April 27, 2009

See What We See news Archive: Prince "Charles" and "Camilla" see the pope

(See What We See News Archive ; c.f. "BBC World News" (Secular; British; Governmental) 27 / 04 (April) / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Infamous, apparently, for allegedly "cheating" on the Late "Princess Diana": a woman popular with the people of "England": Prince "Charles", and "Camilla"; met the pope this "Sunday". According to protocol: "Charles" ("the Prince"): who had visited "Pope John Paul II", with "Princess Diana": in 1985, but not since their divorce, nor since her "untimely" death: had to go in first; and privately meet the pope: before "Camilla" (the "duchess") had to enter wearing a black dress and veil, followed by others of the "Royal Household". The "Pope" gave them an "honorary medal", and a drawing of "Saint Peter's Basilica". It seems: that the expected centuries old (from 1530 A.D. ) copy of a request by peers of "Henry VIII": founder of the "Church of England": for an annulment: was not given over, despite prior excitement in the press.

The pope in turn was given plates, and drawings of plants from the couple's estate.

"Catholic" teaching forbids "adultery", and "remarriage" after divorce, while one's spouse is still alive, while allowing for declarations that no marriage seems to have taken place: when there was not necessary factors when the marriage "occurred". "Henry VIII" is famous for killing his wives, who could not give him heirs, and for leaving the "Catholic" church: when it would not allow him to divorce them: the long dead king: founded the "Anglican" church.

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