Thursday, April 9, 2009

See What We See: News Archive: Blair attacks papacy: again?

(See What We See News Archive)

Article by Marc Aupiais

More proof either against Blair, or the English Bishops: considering the environment in the English Catholic church: so deadly to Orthodoxy: perhaps it is no wonder that Blair says as he does: the fact remains that Vatican II defines his words as heresy: as with his stance on contraception: the mortal sin of lust: a sin which our Spiritual Mother:  says will send many to an eternal situation worse than death, and far worse than aids: even though such efforts: have not achieved any real sustainable good in the world: just the opposite: it seems: Blair's Anti-Catholic policies in parliament: have carried over with him when he "Joined" the church:

P.s. Read the BBC article: I always enjoy their reporting: even though they are not Catholic, or supportive of us:

American Papist: (Brilliant Publication)

BBC (Secular; Governmental; British)

Reuters (Secular; Independent; British)

Note from us: the bible is infallible so far as it relates to doctrine and morals: what is right: and what it says of God: including the divine life of Jesus, and his death on earth: Blair's claims of tough policies relate to a pastoral group of issues: Sexual relations except between a married man and woman: in line with the teachings of the church: will always be viewed as wrong by any serious Catholic. Note also: that Blair's abortion, homosexuality and other policies were detrimental to the church. Also note: that Benedict XVI: recently punished the British Priests: by forcing them to say the Latin mass, in addition to the Vernacular. Britain has largely lost it's Christianity: many Catholics lay this not on the now extremely small Anglican church: but directly on the shoulders of those English Bishops: who so directly have in the past apposed the Papacy on matters of doctrine.

The most tragic flaw in Blair's flawed argument: is that while the church in England is in its death-throws: as he rightly notes of the views of many Catholics there: in many parts of the world: there is still fidelity to the faith.

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