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See What We See: Italy Quake: We take you through it

(See What We See)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Nearly 290 (according to Reuters, and Bloomberg: it was 289: two hundred and eighty nine human beings) people died, in a quake which has destroyed about 10 000 (Ten Thousand) buildings, and displaced at least as many people. This we already knew on: April 6th 2009, when a massive Earthquake struck the Italian area known as L’Aquila.

The death toll: however: until Friday: continued to rise, and while some etched idea of the horrendous damage to the human race was slightly noted on the day: it was hardly known that so many hundreds had died in this utter tradgedy.

There were accusations, a seismologist had driven a van through the streets: telling people to evacuate: and was stopped from doing this, by the government: but quakes are notoriously hard to predict, it seems: and the Italian government has been cleared on this.

It was also raised: that it was not right that so many buildings had fallen: it was questioned as to the quality of the constructions.

But, on Good Friday: the atmosphere was one of mourning: as Vatican number two: Cardinal "Tarcisio Bertone" gave a mass for the victims: breaking the usual tradition of Good Friday: in honour of the mourners. According to the BBC: the funeral mass: the "State Funeral": which was done by the Cardinal: was done in the open air: because of how badly hit the churches in the area were: by the tragic natural disaster.

Children's tiny little coffin's were piled on top of their parents: and coffins were tagged: so mourners could identify their friends and relatives, killed in the massive quake.

Ansa News Agency predicted between 100 (One Hundred) and 150 (One Hundred and Fifty) coffins, carrying the corpses of loved human beings: at the funeral: but reporting after the event: Reuters said there were 205 (two hundred and five) coffins at the funeral mass: covered in flowers: as the mass: mourning them was celebrated.

Italy's small neighbour: the Vatican: has been emotionally hit hard by the quake. Benedict XVI: personally sent a message to the Italian people: via a church official: this message was read at the mass. That such a high ranking man: as "Tarcisio Bertone": gave the funeral mass: shows how much the Center of Catholic Power: the Vatican state: was mourning what had happened in largely Catholic Italy. People around the world have mourned this event. The pope is expected to visit the region soon.

Instead of at least one funeral celebrated today: the tragic Crucifixion of the "Living God": Jesus Christ: there were many mourned on this day: many sent off: from our small world: into their journey into the afterlife. Perhaps the one good thing about this event, as with Good Friday: is that Italy is known for it's concern with living properly in this life: for the afterlife.

This sad event will be noted the world over. SAPA: estimates that it will take 4 billion US Dollars: to even repair the damage. Reuters warns: that with corruption in the Italian government: earthquake recovery money often is siphoned off, so as to full the pockets of the likes of corruption, or organized crime.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, a billionaire: offered to put up at least some of the quake victims in houses he owns throughout Italy. The Prime Minister: recently made headlines: by trying to prevent doctors from removing a car crash victim from life support: future such victims will not have feeding tubes removed: in Italy.

Italy will be hard struck in this: this massive loss of life, due to a tragic, and horrendous tremor in the earth: during a hefty downturn in the global economy.

There has been an outcry over the extent of the damage: there are questions as to the quality of the construction of many buildings in the region. 6 persons of Islamic culture: were also: to have Islamic rites for their bodies: having also died.

Below are some links to take you through this tragedy, and the surrounding stories: Obviously: we cannot guarantee third party sources; here linked to;

IN PICTURES with some writing:

BBC (Secular; British; Governmental): updated 10th April 2009: day of funeral:

Sky News (British; Independent; Secular): 10th April 2009:

News stories:

The Coverage of SAPA (South African Press Association): as available on News 24 (Secular; South African; independent)(Yesterday 10th April 2009: 4 days after the quake struck),,2-10-1462_2499522,00.html

Reuters (Secular; British; Independent) reporting on 10th April: 4 days after the tragic quake struck:

The Funeral and details:

Reuters Doesn't know that recovery money will go towards recovery:

Bloomberg (American; Secular; Independent) reporting 10th April: day of the funeral for the dead.

covering the funeral

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