Thursday, April 30, 2009

"North America": "USA": Radically pro-"abortion", pro-"infanticide": "President" "Barack Obama": "abortion bill is not a top priority": "I want less pregnant teens" (paraphrase)

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. "Reuters" (Secular; British; Independent) 29 / 04 (April) / 2009; "South African Catholic"'s Archive 27 / 04 (April) / 2009; "Social Justice South Africa" archive 14 / 03 (March) / 2009 ; 15 / 04 (April) / 2009 )

Article by Marc Aupiais

"Barack Hussein Obama ", the "US " ("United States of America ") "President": who has, allegedly, according to pro-"life" press initiatives: filled much of his cabinet, with pro-"abortion " candidates, rather than those best suited for the job, and thus: has also failed to appoint officially; an ambassador to the "Vatican": which refused, according to the BBC all his "pro"-"abortion" candidates for ambassador so far: has finally been hit slightly by the efforts of those apposing what could possibly be an article 2, section d genocide ("future population clause" of "UN " ("United Nations "' declaration , by which "Genocide" is prosecuted: c.f. "analysis" / "letter:" "Social Justice South Africa" archive 14 / 03 (March) / 2009 ): he has now said that a bill: taking away the need for parental consent, and doctors' rights to object (in line with a direct forbidding of abortion in the "Hippocratic Oath "): to performing "abortions": is not a "top priority".

To Quote "Reuters":

"Asked about the Freedom of Choice Act at Wednesday's news conference, Obama said it "is not the highest legislative priority."

"My view on ... abortion, I think, has been very consistent," Obama said. "I think abortion is a moral issue and an ethical issue."

"There are some who suggest that this is simply an issue about women's freedom and that there's no other considerations," he said. "I think, look, this is an issue that people have to wrestle with and families and individual women have to wrestle with."
("Reuters" (Secular; British; Independent) 29 / 04 (April) / 2009)
He is appointing a committee, containing what he says: is both pro-"abortion" and anti-"abortion" persons, purportedly, if the "US" "President" is to be taken at his word, in order to reduce "teenage pregnancies".

"US " ("United States of America ") "President" "Barak Obama ": has recently angered many "Catholics", and others: the choice by "Indiana": "University of Notre Dame " head "Father Jenkins ": to give "Obama" an "honorary" "Law degree", and to have him as "Commencement Speaker" at  "The University Notre Dame ": has gained flack from "US " "Bishops ", including that of his ("Fr John Jenkin"'s), and "University of Notre Dame "'s own "Diocese": against whose regulations he has gone. Bishop "John Michael D'Arcy " of the Diocese of "Fort Wayne-South Bend", "Indiana": this diocese into which "Notre Dame" "University" falls: was among those directly apposing the decision, but other "Bishops": were even more angered. "Notre Dame": means "Our Lady": in "French", referring to "Mary", "Mother of God": who holds the title: is the "Patron Saint of the Unborn".

"Mary Ann Glendon", a "Harvard " "Law" "professor", and the previous "US " "Ambassador" to the "Holy See " ("Vatican "/"Vatican City State"): has recently refused the "Laetare Medal ", the top honour that the "University of Notre Dame " has to offer: due to their choice of honouring "Barak Obama" ("South African Catholic"'s Archive 27 / 04 (April) / 2009). It is not the only "United States " "Catholic" "University": to directly disobey the protocols for "Catholic Institutions": as laid out by the "United States Conference of Catholic Bishops " ("USCCB ").

"United States " "President" "Barack Obama " turned heads: when he voted to allow "infanticide" in failed "abortions", prior becoming "president"; his promises to "Planned Parenthood": an "Abortions" firm; and due to his multiple, radical statements for "Abortion ", and for his odd choice of "Cabinet".

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