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"North America"; "New York": "USA": New "media savy" archbishop does PR in "New York"

(See What We See News Archive;  c.f. "Catholic League" (Catholic; Independent; American) 04 / 02 (February) / 2004 ; 2003 Annual Report ; 27 / 09 (September) / 2004 ;01 / 06 (June) / 2007 ; 05 / 11  (November) / 2005 ; "Catholic Citizens of Illinois" (Catholic; Independent; American) 01 / 04 (April) / 2005 ; "This Rock Magazine" (Catholic; independent; American)  __/ 09 (September) / 1999 ;  "Against the Grain" (Catholic; Independent; American) 24 / 01 (January) / 2009 ; "CNA": "Catholic news Agency" (Catholic; Independent; American) article hosted on "EWTN": "Eternal Word Television Network" (Catholic; Independent; Global (started in America)) 16 / 04 (April) / 2009 ; "AP": "Associated press" (American; Secular; Independent) 25 / 04 (April) / 2009 )

Article by Marc Aupiais

"New York"'s new "Archbishop": goes "media hunting"?:

"New York" "Catholic" Archdiocese' "Archbishop": "Archbishop Timothy Michael Dolan" is making quite a stir among "New York"'s media. An "Associated Press" ("AP") article on him notes: that he not only celebrated "Mass" in an "American" prison: "Bedford Hills Correctional Facility" (where he noted: that for once: parishioners couldn't walk out on his "mass"), but also got into both the: "New York" "Mets"'s and "Yankees"'s broadcast booths: his predecessor: had suggested he support baseball. He's been pushing the case of "Jewish" people, according to "AP", which quotes the ("Jewish") "Anti-Defamation League" ("ADL"), whose "National Director": "Abraham Foxman" "praised" him for his ability: by saying he would make a good "politician" (quote), but was a "representative" for "God". The ("Jewish") "Anti-Defamation League"'s "National Director": seemed almost sad that the "priest" was not a "Politician" ("AP": "Associated press" (American; Secular; Independent) 25 / 04 (April) / 2009 ).

"ADL": "Anti-Defamation League": is a "Jewish" organization: which has consistently attempted to rid "America" of "Christian" influence: according to many "Catholic" Sources:

In 1999 "This Rock" magazine reported on the "ADL"'s "Abraham Foxman": claiming that "anti"-"Semitism" : prevails among average "Catholics"; in attacking statements by: "Father David Yager": of the Vatican: who raised concern about perceived "anti"-"Catholicism" shown "Catholics" by the "Israeli" state: who also noted that it was not only "Anti"-"Semitism" among some "Catholics" which was a concern: but "anti"-"Catholicism" among some "Jews".

The ("Jewish") "Anti-Defamation League" was noted in "April 9" 2003: by the "Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights": for attacking a statement by: previous "U.S. Secretary of Education Roderick Paige" ("Catholic League" (Catholic; Independent; American) 2003 Annual Report): where the government official, had told a "Baptist" publication: that he would prefer to have a child in a school where the values of "the Christian community" (quote) are in his opinion kept,and where "strong faith" (quote) is "taught" (quote). "Abraham Foxman": claimed in 2005: that "Christian" groups: were attempting to "Christianize" education to "save us" (quote) ("Catholic League" (Catholic; Independent; American) 05 / 11  (November) / 2005).

In 2005: it was alleged: that a "Christian" woman ("Leslie Pinney") who wanted to appose the odd "promotion" of "homosexuality" in schools: was promptly the recipient of a letter from the "ADL": who asked her to "refrain from political appeals based on religious faith." (two words emboldened) ("Catholic Citizens of Illinois" (Catholic; Independent; American) 01 / 04 (April) / 2005). Such was seen as an attempt to keep "Christianity" out of public life.

 The "Anti-Defamation League" ("ADL") : also partook those attacking "World War II" "Catholic" Pope "Pope Pius XII": attempting to get the "Vatican" to cancel his Beatification: saying that the Late Pope had not done enough for "Jews" ("Against the Grain" (Catholic; Independent; American) 24 / 01 (January) / 2009 ). It was recently discovered: that "Pope Pius XII": feared that the "Nazis" would kidnap him: and set out the procedure: that if he was captured: that a new pope should be elected: many have praised him for his secret efforts which saved so "many" "Jews" during "World War II": the "ADL" was not among these.

The "Jewish" organization's "National Director": has also been noted as among those: attacking the reintroduction of the "Catholic" "Tridentine Mass": due to one prayer within it: calling for the "Salvation of the Jews": in "Latin".

The organization's ("American") "National Director": also attacked "Catholic" ecumenism: towards the "SSPX" ("Society of Pope Pius XII"), which rejects parts of "Vatican II".

"Catholic" Students: told to learn from their "older brothers and sisters in the faith" (quote):

At an only symbolic "Sedar" an event where "Catholic" school students and a "Jewish School" celebrated together: after "passover" actually occurred: "Archbishop Timothy Dolan" said that the "Catholic" Students should "learn", seemingly from the "Jewish" Students who were their "older brothers and sisters" (quote) in "the faith" (quote) ("AP": "Associated press" (American; Secular; Independent) 25 / 04 (April) / 2009 ): such is common "ecumenical" "politically correct language": however: "Catholic Students": could have interpreted it in saying their their "Faith" was inferior. That modern "Judaism" does not, in the opinion of many "Catholics": reflect the ancient "sacrificial" system any more than "Catholicism": its other main off-shoot, and that "Catholic" students, may consider, due to these remarks: that the "Jewish" religion is superior, could be seen as a concern by some "Catholics". In no place, according to research by "Scripturelink News": does "Catholic" doctrine: state that "Judaism" is superior to "Catholicism": in the "Catholic Faith": "Catholicism" is seen as superior to all other religions.

Archbishop officially apposes attempts to legalize "gay marriage"  in "New York":  but polite to advocates of "Abortion" and "Gay Marriage":

It was also noted that the "Archbishop": seemed to smile broadly: when greeting: ("New York Mayor") "Michael Bloomberg"and ("New York Governor") "David Paterson". Both support legalized abortion, and homosexual "Unions" ("Gay Marriage"). The "Archbishop": has promised, previously: at his "Cathedral": "Saint Patrick's": to fight efforts to legalize "Gay Marriage": in "New York".

The Effect of a friendly, "normal/average" "person": "archbishop" in "New York":

Statistics have shown: that more persons are attracted to the priesthood: by traditional means: than by making priests look ordinary, or "in touch" with "the times".

While gaining much media attention for the church: it is hoped by some: that this new, and in "New York" "tradition": "Irish" "Archbishop" of the "New York" "Archdiocese": will have a positive effect: in pushing "Catholic" values and increasing "Catholic" numbers. His own hope: is to enjoy being "Archbishop" as much as he said he had enjoyed being an average "priest", according to his speech on April 16th this month ("CNA": "Catholic news Agency" (Catholic; Independent; American) article hosted on "EWTN": "Eternal Word Television Network" (Catholic; Independent; Global (started in America)) 16 / 04 (April) / 2009).

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