Friday, April 3, 2009

Middle East, Eurasia: Afghanistan to allow marital rape?

Sent in by our North American Correspondent: I have not verified their facts: however: the "Globe and Mail": which is referred to for the facts: by our correspondent: has in the past been reliable: the only reason the editor is posting this is as a technical error has prevented our correspondent from posting this to the online site. Placing this online, does not imply the Editor's endorsement of the views, facts, or world view noted in the article. P.s. The editor does not share any possible view: that the Afghani  people have any "right" to do as they so desire: such right does not exist.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai Approves Evil against Women in Afghan

This man has approved a family law for the Shia minority that rolls back women’s rights despite equality guarantees in the country’s constitution. This has caused a huge firestorm in Ottawa yesterday, actually throughout Canada, with shock and disbelief.

It is so ridiculous jokes the men in Canada because even primitive law wouldn’t allow this, jokes about men wanting this law in Canada today laughing against Karzai should even cross anyones mind except a mentally disturbed one in any country. Just insanity that this rape in a marriage can be allowed by any President shows his lack of compassion towards any women is heartbreaking.

What are the Canadian troops fighting for in Afghanistan … to help with elections, human rights and freedoms for women, the construction of schools, health-care facilities and the basic functionity of an economy. They are trying to help the Afghan people make a better life for themselves and their children.

Canadians who have had doubts about this war and the length of time spent there at least could take some pride in thinking about the strides gained helping develop and defend women’s rights and educating girls.

This foolish President, Karzai, has approved this law which stipulates that women can't deny their husbands sex, thereby sanctioning marital rape, hellooooooo, is this 2009???

It restricts a womans right to leave the home without her husband's okay to see a doctor, attend school or work. It grants custody only to fathers and grandfathers. It makes me feel sick inside that Canadians are over there supporting Afghan.

As stated, Afghans do have every right to run their society as they see fit but many Canadians will have horrid feelings towards thinking they are helping aid anything that goes strictly against women and human rights. Cdn’s give $1.3 billion in development aid.

This is the most assine law heard of with the support and goodwill the Afghans receive world wide which obviously this man doesn’t seem to realize the jeopardy people will feel after reeling the effects of this law.
A message needs to be sent to Karzai telling him pointblank to quash this law before the world turn their backs on the support the Afghan people in need.

Seems our own Stephan Harper thinks this should be a discussed issue with our American, British and other allies at the G20 today, and who said this man was no rocket scientist!!

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