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Media Study South Africa: 10,000 BC (Warner Bros.): a Media Review

(Media Study South Africa; note: a variety of sites: representing a variety of world views: are linked to in this review)

Article by Marc Aupiais

--Revised, edited and Updated Review--

While a bit late: we have decided to review "10,000 BC": Directed by "Roland Emmerich " ("The Day After Tomorrow ", "The Patriot ","Stargate ", "Independence Day " , "Godzilla " ...) starring "Camilla Belle " (c.f. Note One: for other films she's been in) (add on : "Routh" to get her birth name): as female lead: "Evolet" (see Language Note 1 ), and "Steven Strait" (See Note Two) as male lead: "D'Leh".

Our: Prima Facie perception of the film
Perhaps it is a love story, perhaps something entirely different: when what seems but slave traders attack a small isolated icy village of Mammoth hunting tribes-people: just as their mystical seer had airily predicted. 
A haunting prophesy: driven by the love of a man persuing: perhaps may come to pass.
A blue eyed girl: a survivor of cruel raids on another tribe: is captured. The prophesy that she would save the tribe is dimly preserved: as three tribesmen are sent to rescue her, and the many others now enslaved.
Basic Plot:

Around 10 000 BCE:

As the mammoth migrations are drawing to their sunset finish: the tribal seer predicts that a hero will come forth at the next mammoth hunt: the hero will marry the stubborn: "Blue Eyed" one: "Evolet": whose tribe was captured/killed by a group of raiders. At the hunt: "D'Leh": already in a reciprocally loving relationship with "Evolet": suceeds: due to random chance: in killing the mammoth.

Hating the idea of becoming tribal leader, and her husband by a lie, and pure chance: he gives her up, and is sitting outside the tribe, when it is attacked and the "Four-legged demons" (Men on horses) capture her, and many of their others.

Three persons: Two Tribesmen, and a boy who sneaks along: join "D'Leh": in his search for "The Blue Eyed" Girl: "Evolet", and the other stolen tribesmen: they soon are caught up in a war between free people and the "False God": "Aryan " Slaver: the "Almighty": who is killed near the end of the movie.

The movie portrays magic positively, is cliche' in its portrayal of the world: the "evil" head of the kidnappers: is the "Almighty": a man who is obviously a survivor of Atlantis. Worries on this: involve the fascination of the Nazi cult/religion with the "Arian race ": and with labeling an evil slave master as the "Almighty ". The reference: there used to be three, but now is only one of the "Gods": seems fearfully dangerous to those who would see a connection with the Christian "Triune God ". "Roland Emmerich", is used to portraying "False Gods" being fought by human beings, and being a source of human knowledge: take "Stargate": where the Ancient deities of Egypt, etc: are in fact aliens: using: "religion" to enslave men. "Roland Emmerich"'s Characters in both "Stargate", and this film: conquer the false (yap,thats how they portray that "RA" man in "Stargate": he's just a man controlled by an Alien: if the "Stargate" plot had any realism: he wouldn't be: but that's how the guy is portrayed) "god": which in the case of "Stargate" is Egyptian "Sun God" RA , and in both films they kill the "antagonist" "False God". Keeping with the theme: the "bad guys": in Stargate, and in 10, 000 B.C. both use religion and force to enslave primitive peoples.

The movie clearly subscribes to a concept of: "synchronicity ": with everything relying on prophesies : the separations between Europe, and Africa: seem non-existent in this movie: and the portrayal of Africans: seems too similar to the prejudiced views of the past. More than that: what looks like Kenyans, and what seems a bit like San persons are living nearby: even ten thousand years ago: that really is an odd loss of geography.

The idea of men destroying a "God", however fake, in a movie: seeped in the images of the "Gods"/"Aryans " portrayed in the mysteries, and myths which spurred on the Shoah /Holocaust : is not just bothersome: it disturbs one.

There is no foul language in the film, and I do not remember any over-exposure: although there are obvious attempted rapes.  

It seems as though one could have watched a similar movie twenty (20) years ago, something like "Conan the Barbarian " (1982), maybe... or simply the recent release: "Scorpion King" (2002), and have guessed the basic plot of this film.

That said, and concerns aside: the film is entertaining: as are all of the mystical dinosaur bird things, and saber-tooth tiger et al: that inhabit the "world" of the film. This is likely what saved it: and allowed it to be a hit with audiences.

The success of this film: which I personally enjoyed: is likely a sign of the lack of the ability and place for men to be and be seen as masculine in the modern world. The pervasive chasing after a girl: however kidnapped: seems like something a bit stalker-ish: but again: "Fated" love, and a destiny is appealing in today's increasingly secular world: as with the primitive "spiritualist" "wisepeople"/"sangoma  figures" in the film.

The chance for a man to be a "man": and for a woman to be defiant of her enemies: is likely part of this film's success. With a theme of the past: the mammoth hunter protagonist's ability to assemble a vast native army in Africa: and to cross a desert: seems a bit dated. 

As tribally focussed "man" films go: one need not watch the movie to know of the ending: "big man" become hero, and get lead lady.

The hidden Aryan themes in the movie, pagan focus, and positive portrayal of pagan practice: mean this is probably not a movie to take the kids to. The ways in which a black boy, and white man belong to the same European tribe, etc... seem a bit nonsensical: as with the use of "friends" to refer to one of the African tribes.

Again, this seems to similar to the racist views of "Tintin in the Congo": that the entire tribe is their "friends", and just get along.

"Camilla Belle" should appear in a "Mary " film next year: concerning is the comments of the director of that upcoming film about woman empowerment. "Camilla" will play Mary in "Mary Mother of Christ ": by Aloe Entertainment.

Language Note 1:

it may be a co-incidence: but "Evolet" is also an extremely rare, and ancient Latin word: used in a speech by "Marcus Tullius Cicero"  in Secondary Orations Against Verres: V 13: : in such a way: I think it could mean something like "make an escape": i.e. "let him make his escape from your severity": "evolet ex (from) vestra (your) severitate (severity)"  

1st Paragraph>

Note One: other films in which "Camillia Belle Routh" played in, other than: "10,000 B.C. " (2008):

("Mary, Mother of Christ" (not yet released) (2010),"Push " (2009), , "The Quiet" (2006), "When a Stranger Calls " (2006), "The Chumscrubber " (2005), "The Ballad of Jack and Rose " (2005), "Back to the Secret Garden " (2001), "The Invisible Circus " (2001), "Rip Girls " (2000), "Replacing Dad " (1999), "The Patriot " (1999), "Practical Magic " (1998), "The Lost World: Jurassic Park " (1997), "Marshal Law " (1996), "Annie: A Royal Adventure " (1995), "A Little Princess " (1995), "Deconstructing Sarah " (1994), "Empty Cradle " (1993), "Trouble Shooters: Trapped Beneath the Earth " (1993))
1st Paragraph>

Note Two: Other movies in which: "Steven Strait" plays a role, other than: "10,000 B.C. " (2008):

("City Island" (coming out 2 July 2009), "Stop-Loss " (2008),  "The Covenant" (2006), "Undiscovered " (2005), "Sky High " (2005))
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