Friday, April 10, 2009

Life: the purpose of it's signs!

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The human ingenuity, the lungs, the ligaments, and various members: and organs: including the mind: are not the purpose of our being: but simply methods, hopes: which protect the life: the vibration of our Soul's dance with God: within it's manifestation: our body.

God is reality. For, all relies on Reality. Reality thinks: whether really, or if thinking itself is but illusion: for all exists because of the living, thinking background structure on which all matter exists. All that is: in some way reflects reality: so too must thought.

Now, the mind, the limbs: the lungs that breathe: all these are but protections: that which maintains and protects the life of the being.

This is why: even that cruelly, and inaccurately: which is termed a vegetable: when still human: even that life is worth preserving: even should the harvesting of its organs "save" another. Simply because the protective features that nature has given us: to preserve the life, which evolution has for thousands of years been the guardian of: does not mean the life is gone. Nature designs our bodies to protect our life: what theology calls our soul. that which is reflected through our form: of Reality's true nature.

Simply because one life is weak, and another is stronger: simply because one life needs a machine to be, and another is stronger: does not mean one life is worth more than another. Life is not it's signs: and the reason we used to define it as ending when there was no longer breath: is that at this point: without protection, the vibration of life upon the physical form, the mystical light would cease: but even then: when one stopped breathing: one could still have other signs restored again: via what was called the kiss of life. Simply because that designed to protect our life: that which orders, and maintains the society of cells in our body: simply because mental function: designed to keep the candle of life burning, or simply because a ligament is gone, or the ability to breathe on one's own strength: does not mean the purpose of all this is gone. The meaning and purpose of the human purpose is their life. Life is what society is created to protect: the weaker the life: the more protection it should warrant and demand.

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