Saturday, April 4, 2009

Journey: How Should I view Evil?

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article By Marc Aupiais

--Concepts of Good and evil--Truth in proportion is good--God is what we term "Reality"--

Evil, what a concept, what an idea: ultimately: how we view this: seems to say allot about where we stand with the Catholic God.

We either see evil: as that which reminds us of our own mortality: our own weakness: excactly why so many people hate confession, as with some who hate mass for this reason: there are other reasons also why people say they dislike it, and why they dislike it:

We say: this person, or thing showed me that I am mortal: weak, and not impervious. We hate rollar coasters for this reason, we hate those disease advertisements also: for this reason: yet, if this is the only way we define evil: and I don't mean in a worded way: but in our actions: then we have lost track of the Catholic way of viewing evil.

God is Reality: that background on which all things exist. He is infinite, impervious, all-knowing and all those other things which we rightly associate with Reality: Reality being that on which all exists: also thinks, and is aware.

If we hate only that which shows us to not be "Reality", but only "Matter": then we hate that which shows us the truth: and that is a bit of a fallacy.

If we, however: hate that which makes us less like reality: and call that evil: whether it be physical evil: or moral evil: and call that more like "Reality", or that which makes us more like reality: "Good": then our view of good and evil: is workable: and in line with the church. All that is morally evil: is deceptive.

Evil: does not disprove God: it is simply the lower end of the scale: of things like or not like God: in proportion, or out of it: Evil: is also how we define that which is bad for us. Truth is good for us, if we are in a right state of mind, and if that truth is in proportion.

We need not fear the truth: that we are not impervious: if we realize that our souls are: and that if we follow God's numerous and all-encompassing, even dynamic commands: then we shall be on a path: of exploring truth: and towards existing forever: as saints, or at least as good people: and not that which is out of proportion for all eternity.

Note: phrases in this article refer to Catholic theology: it is not created to offend anyone: but rather to give a catholic, doctrinal perspective on such.

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