Sunday, April 12, 2009

Journey: Happy Easter, in our Broken world!

(Journey in a Broken World )

Article by Marc Aupiais

On behalf of Journey, and on behalf of the Scripturelink News and Information team, I wish you all a very happy Easter.

Easter is the time, when we are reminded: the world will not always be broken.

Reality: the Catholic God, the background, and basis of old: he will continue to fight for our life-essence: as a broken universe in time: yet remember always: you must fight always: arm yourself with purity, and strength: in the Confession, and the Eucharist; renew the shield of your baptismal pledge: fight on: remember: the enemy never sleeps. The more, which is yielded, the more they desire to take: such is the nature of the radical: and why those who seek to preserve our culture: something intrinsically "Right Wing": since the phrase was invented in the French parliament: must always seek to prevent the progress of the unjust, though not the truly just progressive. Truly, in calling themselves "Progressive": they do not lie: with each new victory, they solidify: the tanks of their hidden armies: continue to drive over the corpses of our Nations' souls, and over their own wounded and fallen, in a blitz of old.

Yet by hearing that intuitive truth, and with the help of saints: and by hope, that which sees the enemy assembled: like Mordor of old: and continues to work for good for truth: we shall fight with wit, and our personal ability, and our truth and influence: for good: by truth, and justice of old.

Remember in Easter, and on all days: the war of the Church Militant: the church on Earth that is: is between life and death, reality, and falsehood: Nobility, and self obsession. Keep fighting: and use Easter, and every mass: to refill your form with grace: and re-enter the battle of wit.

God Bless, and Pax Tecum,


Marc Aupiais

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