Sunday, April 12, 2009

Here we go ... Gay HIV-AIDS activists feel discriminated Again

Last week we charged Mr. Aziga, 52, a native of Uganda, the first ever in Canada and probably anywhere in the world to be convicted of murder for lethally infecting the virus that causes AIDS. He was fully aware of being infected with the HIV/Aid virus and what his responsibilities regarding disclosing his health were. He will be sentenced in May 2009; this charge comes with a 25 year sentence.

This week and I don’t know why I seem to be surprised but as usual we have the activist groups, which ones, the Gay and HIV-AIDS activist groups screaming what about their rights to privacy? In Canada HIV-AIDS usually involves homosexual cases not heterosexual ones like the murder charges last week against Mr. Aziga.

The kafuffle seems to be within the gay society itself in Canada, it’s about their gay-rights movement, you know like equal rights, safe-sex marriage, blah, blah, some of your issues I possibly might be convinced to agree with you but on quite a few, there is not a chance. Some feel stigmatized because they are HIV positive, claiming its unfair and they are treated differently, belly-aching about their human rights, and gone round the bend over this latest charge.

Others that are also HIV positive agree and feel they do have a responsibility to society and strongly believe in this law. They agree our society as a whole should be punishing this deadly behavior of having sex with whoever you please and not disclosing your health if you carry AIDS you should be punished at the highest level. Why and what type of person are you that you would want to continue to spread this deadly disease in the first place especially if you are aware??

The article linked is interesting, I don’t agree or could be convinced any other way than too bad, so sad, you are HIV positive and I feel anyone with AIDS or its virus should be held responsible 100%, I comprehend the trauma of this burden but you are carrying a DEADLY disease, you are different and have to be treated that way so that the spread of this disease can be stopped!! Get over the fact you feel this carry’s a shame or maybe disgrace like twenty years ago, it might have but now we are down to the fact after years of research it can be stopped, you need to take ownership of this, get your heads out of the sand and be part of stopping the spread of it, enjoy the read.

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