Sunday, April 5, 2009

Guilty of Murder for Spreading HIV

A 52 year old native from Uganda, Mr. Aziga, is the first person in Canada and probably anywhere in the world to be convicted of murder for lethally KNOWINGLY infecting the virus that causes AIDS.

The separated father of three children was diagnosed with HIV nearly 13 years ago !! He was found guilty as charged of two counts of first-degree murder and 10 counts of aggravated sexual assault, as well as being convicted on one count of attempted aggravated sexual assault.

This trial, is the first in Canada involving someone being charged with fatally infecting partners with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Superior Court jury began its deliberations at about 2 p. m. Thursday and 25 hours later, 9 men and 3 women whom were sequestered overnight at a downtown hotel with no access to any form of media found him guilty.

This monster had been aware he was carrying HIV since 1996, he was former civil servant who worked as a research analyst for the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General.

Aziga, transmitted the virus while having unprotected sex with co-workers and women he met in bars and nightclubs. Prosecutors alleged that Aziga failed to tell his partners of his HIV-positive status, even though he had been fully aware of it since 1996 and was under public-health orders to such.

Seven of the women tested positive for HIV and two died of AIDS-related cancers, the jury heard. The four other women tested negative.

This is an arrogant man and coldheartedly “outright lied” about having HIV to women with whom he had sex, and in some cases, convinced his partners condoms were no longer necessary.

His lawyers tried to argue their client was suffering an organic brain disorder, post-traumatic stress, was bankrupt, depressed, going through a bitter marital breakup and drinking heavily, oh well to bad so sad not a reason to go out and sexually murder women. Were those reasons to justify having sex wherever and with whomever? Drinking heavily and sleeping together seems to be a dangerous combination with many, it’s the morning after everyone seems to wonder about morals and the guilt to deal with?

Under the Health Protection and Promotion Act in Canada he would be required to wear condoms and inform any partner(s) he had HIV before he had relations but he continued to have unprotected sex regardless.

To determine guilt on the two first-degree murder charges, jurors had to conclusively find Aziga infected his two former partners and that their deaths stemmed from an aggravated sexual assault.

The jury seemed to have reasonable doubt with one count of aggravated sexual assault concerning a victim who struggled with remembering the dates when she had unprotected sex with him. The same woman also had unprotected sex with another man who was also found to be HIV positive and who carried the same rare African strain of HIV as Mr. Aziga. Maybe abstinence might have stopped this spread right in its tracks regardless of the lack of condom use that nobody is 100 percent sure of anyway.

Canada laws state that an HIV-positive person cannot be convicted of aggravated sexual assault if an alleged victim is already infected prior to having unprotected sex with the accused person. In that situation, the person can only be convicted of attempted aggravated sexual assault.

One of his victims, who died 3 weeks after making a dvd police interview to be used in this case seemed to convince jurors that this vile man had robber her of her life and she would never have had sex with him had she known.

This sexually desperate man has been in custody since his arrest in 2003 and his trial was rescheduled four times with a denied fifth by the Ontario Superior Court because he fired his Legal Aid-funded defence teams after claiming they weren’t ever prepared enough to go to trial.

A murder conviction carries a life sentence with no parole eligibility for 25 years, he will be sentenced in May 2009, and then we should throw away the keys to his cell.

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