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(Scripturelink Voters Guide)

Article by Marc Aupiais

We hope our Voters' guide for this election is acceptable, the article on the 7 non-negotiables, and the comments from the Bishops' linked to, are both likely of some use also. Remember, God comes with us into the ballot box: we can sin, or do good via our vote. We therefore enter our article: note, if we excluded important issues: we can easily be informed, so we can include such:

With the "Mail and Guardian" predicting a 65% majority for the "ANC", and a relatively ok opposition, and "ENEWSCHANNEL" predicting a relatively more ok than "Mail And Guardian" predictions: opposition: these elections are paramount. And with the "Sunday Times" (I still deny reading it) which predicts a much larger percentage for the opposition: prior the "Mandela" stunt, we know firstly that these elections are important, and secondly that all voters count for this election.

With 66% of the Vote, and 6 of nine provinces, the "ANC" can just about ignore: via changing it: "South Africa"'s "Bill of Rights", and enjoy the joys which come with the ability to put forward any legislation which does not contradict the tiny "Section 1" of the constitution, and the section which entrenches section one and specifies procedures for amending the constitution.

"Jacob Zuma": said at their final election rally: that in all their years in power: the "ANC": has never altered the 1996 "Constitution of the Republic of South Africa": as a matter of fact, they have changed it many many times: including to allow, and then recently disallow "Floor Crossing".

As guessed, such a possibility of a 66% majority: may well be considered by many as "bad": especially as "Zuma" has frequently attacked the judiciary: saying they shouldn't have the final say: something very similar to the sentiment of the "Nats", also known as the "Nationalist Party" (Now incorporated into the "ANC"): just before they got rid of entrenched sections of the 1910 "Union Constitution": so as to get rid of "Coloured voters". Such statements by "Jacob Zuma" bring into question separation of powers.

As before: we recommend: due to their policies on the likes of abortion, gay "Marriage", conscience rights, prior "HIV" denialism, "Zimbabwe", "South Africa"'s "Security Council" record, and possible "genocide" etc: that Catholics NOT vote for the "ANC" this election: especially due to their Abortion and homosexual "Civil Unions" policies. Voting for a pro-abortion party, could well bring about the automatic excommunication specified in the law of the church.

 Other parties we strongly advise (for the sake of obedience to canon law: and avoiding automatic excommunication by the Catholic church)that you do not vote for (if you value eating communion): are the "Minority Front" ("MF"), and the "United Democratic Front": "UDM".

The "ID": "Independent Democrats": also: gets a negative result, and we therefore advise you avoid voting for them: it allowed a free vote on allowing Abortion: it generally does not do free votes, and apposed conscientious objection: by Civil Marriage officers: on the "Gay Marriage" issue: and it not only supports "Civil unions"/"Gay Marriage": but refused to vote in favour of the "Gay Marriage" bill: because they thought marriage officers should be forced to marry homosexuals: and not be allowed to conscientiously object, on religious grounds. Such two separate situations: shows either a contradiction, or odd attitude.

Of other parties currently running in our election: which we do not have such clearcut opposition to:

"COPE", having senior members from the "ANC": takes on many of their troubles: previous votes FOR abortion, and Gay marriage, and issues like previous "ANC" denial of the existence of HIV/AIDS, and issues like Zimbabwe come into play. Granted, this party is a good thing for democracy, there are still issues, where they certainly have not denied their "ANC" past. Also, while no objection seems to have been made by members: when they were still part of the :"ANC": that does not mean they were present while voting: however: an "ANC" policy since 1994: that abortion should be a universal right: means that those who left the "ANC" for this party: seem to have by being part of the "ANC": been guilty of supporting abortion.

That said, they are a relatively new party. Their support for the death penalty: if allied with some others: is a cause for concern: for those  pastoral (not doctrinal) moves by Catholic sources on this: have strongly apposed such a penalty throughout the modern world. Only a limited Death penalty would be allowed by doctrine in any case: and such is unlikely to be what follows in "South Africa".

As to parties, which are important within the electoral roll: and which we have looked into: in order to allow you to think what you desire of these:

The "DA", the major opposition: allows a free vote to their members: on moral issues. This makes them a relative neutral/wild card force on the voting plain: in theory: making them an acceptable party to vote for: especially as they do not support the death penalty, and seem concerned with human rights. Further, the general demographics of largely "Christian", and morally conservative "South Africa": make their MPs more likely to vote in a certain way. When recent abortion laws were introduced, it was noted that only a few of their MPs seemed to vote to allow such: granted they may have been concerned that mandatory counciling was not included in "South Africa"'s radical abortion laws. In practice: their vote depends on their MPs. A choice last year: to criticize the "ANC": on not voting for a "UN" ("United Nations") proposition to legalize homosexuality globally: had the unfortunate effect, of seemingly endorsing "Homosexual Civil Unions": due to certain language in the proposition: rejected as anti-religious discrimination by the "Vatican State". The "DA", denied that they meant any support to "Homosexual Civil Unions": by criticizing the ANC for not voting for the proposition. Claims which seemed possibly to suggest, or insinuate: that the "DA" was packing their ranks with gay activists: made by a gay activist, and member of the "Gauteng" list for the National executive put forward by the "DA": were also denied by the Chief of Staff: of the "DA"'s leader's office: directly to our organization: as with any possibility that proposed incentives not to get pregnant: to teenage girls could increase abortions: whereby the "DA": pointed out there would still be child grants. Both issues: would have little effect on their vote in parliament. The second relates to a money bill: only the "Minister of Finance" could put forward: making it an empty issue, and on the gay "marriage" issue: while the echelons of the "DA": deny any preference to homosexuals: the person claiming they were the party for "gays": was saying such to gain "gay" voters: in their "facebook" group. He certainly did not say they supported gay "marriage": only that they were a good party for "gay" people: analysis: seems to say he was attempting to get votes: based on making voters think something existed: which was not there. The "DA", allows a free vote, as recorded in historic decisions: on issues pertaining to "gay marriage": not mentioned by the gay activist who made such claims. The denial of any pro-gay discrimination by the "DA": seems acceptable. Also, Catholic social teaching does appose discrimination against gay persons: except in circumstances where their sexuality would be an issue of concern, and in the case of marriage: in that Catholic teachings label acting on homosexual desires to be of the matter of the mortal sin of lust.

The "DA": did appose "Apartheid": during its time, and has a policy allowing a "Free Vote" by MPs on moral issues.

Ultimately: as long as it only has the power of opposition, as it only will have: whatever your vote in this election: the "DA" remains a neutral vote in morality: and a vote against the ruling party.

The "African Christian Democratic Party" ("ACDP") apposes abortion strongly, but has not even an inkling of the support needed to institute changes to legislation: it does however, and should continue to have the support needed to put forward anti-abortion legislation, should the political scene change enough. It supports corporal punishment in schools: which in practice is most often abused, and is a strong supporter of the death penalty. While it is unlikely to get any headway against abortion: changes in the "Ruling Party" ("ANC"), may aid it in pushing through the "Death Penalty" via a change to "South Africa"'s constitution (amending the right to life). Such would be a negative. As guessed: it also apposed "Homosexual Civil Unions": when voted on.

The "Freedom Front Plus"/ "FF+"/"VF" : is largely an "Afrikaans" party, it supports the death penalty, as well as making comments about support for "Christian Values". It has previously voted against abortion, and "Homosexual Civil Unions": to our knowledge. It is unlikely to make any real headway against abortion: but may succeed in bringing back the death penalty, which would be a negative. It seemingly: in particular has an appeal and focus with and for "Afrikaans" voter demographics.

"IFP": "Inkatha Freedom Party": Every election, one hears of electoral violence between the "ANC", and "IFP": recently, even with images of "IFP" supporters running with weapons: granted: it could have been fear of "ANC" attacks that caused this: but the "IFP" and "ANC", are often reported as having followers in violence with each other. The "IFP" leader was Prime Minister of a "Bantu" state under the "Apartheid" government, of the "Nationalist Party". It seems to appose "Homosexual Civil Unions" and abortion, but like the "ANC": one could well be concerned about murders, violence, and other issues, which surface during elections: and about many other issues with the given party.

Who should you vote for?

We have provided some resources to help with this:

The 7 Non-negotiables (nicknamed the "Fates"): by the Scripturelink Voters' Guide:

Spread the news on Facebooks:
Catholics who don't vote pro-life risk automatic excommunication: 

Catholic Voters Guide: the 7 non-negotiables: 

Catholic Vote SA: tells Voters what the Bishops' Conference has said on voting:

Do we endorse any one party in this election, or not want further input: no: we have tried with our limited resources: to compile some important information on major parties. Ultimately, your vote is on you. Our organization does not endorse any one party in these elections: however: we advise that you view the article on the 7 non-negotiables: it does help allot, it is based on "Catholic Answers Action": from "Catholic Answers"'s apolostate in America: which released their 5 non-negotiables for Catholic voters, which listed 2 not in play in America as a background.

Remember, your vote is your secret. Vote with an informed conscience: not for guilt, or party loyalty, not to fit in, not because others vote in a certain way. Your vote is between you and God: try to please yourself, your Conscience, and our God: while voting. We cannot make the choice for you.

While we have attempted to exclude errors: and to simply attempt to give issues, and reasoning, we may well have made errors, as is sometimes our experience with larger articles: kindly: please do inform us of errors, that we may correct them.

p.s. April 22nd is a Public Holiday: ensure you are able to vote if in the country: a site which may be useful is:

From the "IEC" : "Independent Electoral Board": of "South Africa": it should have details as to how and when to vote.

God Bless.

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