Monday, April 27, 2009

"Eurasia": "Middle East"; "Israel":"Pope" to receive mini--mini-mini-"Torah" on visit

(See What We See: News Archive; c.f. American Papist (Catholic; Independent; American) 26 / 04 (April) 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

It has +-3 00 000 ("Three Hundred Thousand") words, it's been photographed at the "Technion University", of "Haifa", it is roughly the size of a grain of sand: and it's allegedly being given in the near future ("May 11th 2009") to "Catholic" "Pope Benedict XVI": by "Shimon Peres", "President" of "Israel", in a reception at the "President"'s residence in "Israel".

Via Nano-technology: an entire version of the so-called "Hebrew Bible": was inscribed, it can be read via microscope, and this religious gift: is hopefully a "small" token of "Israeli" friendship with the "Vatican": saved for when "Pontiff": "His Holiness": "Pope Benedict XVI": visits "Israel": and the "Holy Land" in "May".

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