Monday, April 6, 2009

Due to matters we cannot publish: SACNS official withdraws any endorsement of Caritas Internationalis

(Social Justice South Africa )

Article by Marc Aupiais

Due to concerns for our organization, we will not state the reason why we officially: have withdrawn any support for the international grouping of Catholic "Relief Organizations" and "Charities": known as Caritas Internationalis: and very much connected with the Vatican and the church, and with very powerful sections of it.

We did recently cover the issue: of now multiple international Catholic News sources: attacking Cartias Internationalis, over abortion accusations. Our final reason for withdrawing support: is not these accusations: but another action that Caritas has taken.

However: we by no means any longer support, nor in any manner whatsoever encourage our viewers to support the above-noted organization. Due to fears involving a threat made to our organization: involving South Africa's strict media laws, and due to other fears: we are unable at present: to note why we have withdrawn any support whatsoever for the organization. We do however advise our readers in Canada: and throughout the world: to support Organizations such as Catholic Culture, Zenit News Service, or the like and so many other important organizations in spreading justice and the Gospel.

We are very disappointed in Caritas Internationalis: and in good conscience: cannot, however advise any of our readers: to support their efforts in any section around the world: until such time as it is clear to us what their monetary funding goes towards, and what their resources are aimed at.

We may well get into allot of trouble with certain groupings for such: we previously noted that we had been warned on whether or not to cover and how to cover the Caritas situation, by a source which shall remain for now anonymous. We strongly warn good conscience Catholics to be cautious in dealing with the Organizations associated with Caritas Internationalis: until such time as they are certain that it's name has been cleared of accusations from Canada and America, and certain sources.

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