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South Africa: DA replies: incentive to not get pregnant: does not promote abortion

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Article by Marc Aupiais

--DA wants to pay girls not to get pregnant?--South Africa currently has child-care grants--DA answers concerns over such incentives to prevent teenage pregnancy and possible abortion increase as side affect, and the genocide declaration--concerns related to policies possibly increasing abortion--under ANC imposed environment friendly to abortion--DA says the policy is not "population control"--and don't think their policy will increase abortion--The DA allows their MPs free vote on moral issues: meaning such an issue would reflect a change of stated policy if the DA were to knowingly increase abortions-- in response to concerns raised after notes about their manifesto in "South Africa"'s "Mail and Guardian" Newspaper-- which deemed the proposed incentives hard to implement-- The DA: says their proposed policy will not increase abortions--

After reading in the "Mail and Guardian": that the "DA": "Democratic Alliance": plans to give a possible cash or bursary incentive to those good little teenagers: who don't get pregnant: the Editor of "South African Catholic": brought Genocide and abortion concerns to "Gavin Davies": Chief of Staff for the "DA"'s Leader's office, via a email address which "South African Catholic" has access to. "South Africa" currently, fortunately gives out grants to mothers: to help care for their children.

The down side of such: is that it is seen as an incentive to get pregnant: however: taking away this grant: could radically increase abortions: under "South Africa"'s "ANC" forced: radical abortion laws. The "DA": "Democratic Alliance": has suggested adding a reward to teenagers to not get pregnant: without taking away the child grant.

The following is simply a quotation of a source, we do not guarantee the views of the "DA", by placing them here: Note: the "DA" ("Democratic Alliance"): is still: so far as abortion, and gay "marriage" and other important issues are concerned, along with most important opposition parties: on our acceptible vote list:

(Parties which have made our unacceptable vote list are: The "ANC" ("African National Congress"), "MF" ("Minority Front"), and "UDM" ("United Democratic Front"), (while it has not made our service's bad list: there are also concerns over the leadership of "COPE" ("Congress of the People"): a party which formed, as a breakaway from the "ANC" already after the "ANC": began to force upon the country pro-abortion, and pro-"Homosexual""Marriage" legislation): all of which have in practice ("COPE" had not formed yet, but senior members were part of an "ANC" which had) shown a preference for voting in what pro-life, and pro-family activists: would consider an extremely dangerous manner: so far as abortion, and/or homosexual unions are concerned.)

The quotation from the "DA": "Democratic Alliance"'s "Gavin Davies" is as follows:

"Dear Marc

Thank you for your email.
In our manifesto, we say that we will investigate ways to give young girls an incentive not to fall pregnant before they reach the age of 21. This could be in the form of a bursary or another similar financial incentive.

We say this because we recognise the damaging effects that having a baby at a young age can have on a young girl or woman’s life. It can limit her chances to finish her education and it can constrain her career prospects.

This is not a form of control. It is an incentive. Nobody can force anyone not to get pregnant and the DA certainly does not advocate population control.

On your second point regarding the possibility that such an incentive might encourage teenage abortions. We do not believe that this would be the case. There is already a child support grant that young mothers in financial need are eligible to receive. Should a young woman fall pregnant and have a child, they would still be eligible for a child support grant.

I hope this answers your question sufficiently.

Best wishes
Gavin Davis"
Does the "DA" ("Democratic Alliance") reply display adequate, or relevant, and accurate enough facts to justify their choice of addition to their manifesto: this service does not guarantee such, nor say otherwise. It is our job to give you the facts to vote with informed conscience. The "Mail and Guardian" article claims that such incentives would be hard to implement. As per usual: the "DA"'s ("Democratic Alliance") swift response to our concerns shines with the professionalism we are used to gaining as a member of the media. That does not mean/imply we endorse the party mentioned, nor that we endorse their views on this, or other issues.

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