Friday, April 3, 2009

Asia: Southern Asia: China: Church on Chinese Church: Chinese Public church undermines Catholic growth; as China cracks down on Catholics (Again)

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Catholique (French; Catholic; Status with church: unknown): via a Zenit News Service Article (Catholic; American; Independent) 02 / 04 / 2009; News 24 (South African; Secular; Independent): article by AP (American; Independent; Secular) 02 / 04 / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

A commission, on problems in the "Chinese Catholic Church", originally established in 2007, by Pontiff: "Pope Benedict XVI": has met for a second time since it's life began: this second meeting: took place from 30th March 2009, to 1st April 2009. It was to look at how the Catholic Church in "China" was doing. The Result: it has found that the State imposed "Official Church": originally created by the "Atheistic Communists": via an imposed schism in 1951: which operates against the wishes of the "Catholic" church: is damaging growth of the "Catholic" Church: in China. This due to the splitting of Catholic resources. While: in the meeting: training was emphasized: the events have once again revealed deep and concerning issues within "China".

Because resources are split between the "Official", or "Patriotic", or "Open" Chinese "Catholic Church", and the true Vatican affiliated "unofficial" "Chinese Catholic church", or the "Underground" "Catholic" Church: the commission found that the environment in "China" was better suited for "Protestant" growth: than that of an environment suiting: "Catholic" growth.

In 2007: "Benedict XVI": asked that those in the "Underground Catholic Church": attempt to bring the "official" church back into reconciliation with them. The "Official" Chinese "Catholic" church, due to control by a power outside of the Vatican: over it: is canonically speaking: largely in "Schism" with the Vatican: on the same level as the "FSSPX"/"SSPX" ("Priestly"/"Fraternal Society of Saint (Pope) Pius X"/ "Leferbvrites") is said to be; which is a deep problem for the Vatican.

Recently, as the two "churches" in "China",have been growing closer: it is alleged: that the "Chinese Government": is forcing those in their state-stolen "Patriotic" church: to decry the Vatican as interfering: in some effort to prevent "Catholic" efforts at reuniting the "Chinese" Sheep: within the official "Patriotic" "Chinese" "Catholic" Church, with the "Catholic Community's" "German" Born spiritual Shepherd: as the "Unofficial Chinese Church" has already done with themselves.

According to AP: reporting: yesterday: the Vatican has denounced the Arrest of the Bishop of the "Diocese of Zhengdin": "Monsignor Bishop Giulio Jia Zhiguo", as well as: the latest crackdowns on Catholics still loyal to the Vatican.

According to AsiaNews: a vital, and accurate news source, operating out of the perilous conditions in many countries in Asia: priests have been arrested for saying the "underground mass": and others have been coerced into criticizing the Vatican: by the intrusive, ruling "Chinese" "Communist Party".

"China" is famous for its multiple ongoing human rights abuses: and for the covert power it yields over many weaker governments throughout the world. Fears of "Chinese" control, or coercion: have surfaced in "South Africa": as: along with a denial of a Visa to world Leader: "The Dalai Lama": press reports were leaked: that the communist affiliated and slightly communistic: "ANC" ("African National Congress": "South Africa"'s "Ruling Party"): is allegedly (according to "South Africa"'s "Mail and Guardian") partially funded by the "Chinese Communist Party".

2% (Two Percent) of "China"'s population are reportedly "Catholic". Pontiff: "Pope Benedict XVI": has made it a focus of his papacy to reuniting schisms, such as the priestly "schism" of the "SSPX", and that of the "Chinese Patriotic" "Catholic" church: with the Vatican Affiliated: "Roman Catholic Church".

Cardinal "Tarcisio Bertone": chaired the meeting, which involved some thirty applicable persons: on the "Chinese Catholic Church": he is the "Vatican" State's "Secretary of State".

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