Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Africa"; "SADC" region; "South Africa": "SACBC" media statement: "Cardinal Wilfrid Napier's Statement on the Election results"

(Southern African Catholic Press Releases)

Article by Marc Aupiais

"South Africa"-

The following is a message released to our organization: by the "Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference" ("SACBC"): it relates to the response of "Cardinal" "Wilfred Napier" of the "Archdiocese" of "Durban": to the election results, as released by the "IEC" ("Independent Electoral Commission").

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The following is but a quotation of contents, of an email we received from the "Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference",  it is a "press"/"media" release:

Details of message: received from the "SACBC" at about 10:52 AM (today) on "Tuesday" 28th "April" "2009":

"---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Office for Communication and Media < townsend@sacbc.org.za >
Date: 2009/4/28
Subject: Cardinal Wilfrid Napier's Statement on the Election results
To:(excluded for security reasons)"

Contents of message received today from the "SACBC": as sent out to "press organizations" note: unnecessary parts are excluded, and the image is smaller; however: no details of the "release" within this message are excluded by us:


SACBC - Social Communications Office
Much has been achieved, much needs to be done.

In the 2009 election, the real victory belongs to all the South Africans who voted. The voting turn-out deserves celebration. It is a powerful sign of how a democratic culture has taken hold of our national consciousness. Congratulations South Africa!

The last 15 years have seen an ongoing miracle in our country. Many people have benefited from housing and services, social grants and education. Our economy has grown for six straight years.

Much has been achieved, much remains to be done. The success of any democracy depends on the inclusion of all citizens and the recognition that we all have duties to fulfil and rights to protect.

I wish to extend congratulations to the African National Congress for their national election victory. The return to government of the ANC expresses the will of the people of South Africa. I invite the ANC to live up to its founding principles and to redouble its effort to build a free, united and prosperous nation.

The smooth, well-organised and peaceful manner in which the election was executed is a testimony to our growing democracy and to the hard work by the Independent Electoral Commission. The logistical problems encountered in some places should not be overlooked in the planning for future election.

We call on all elected representatives to be effective law makers, followers of the law and guardians of the Common Good and of our Constitution for an election is not a path to power, but a call to service. We call on the new government to show an even greater commitment to service and accountability, particularly with regard to the poor, the marginalised and the sick. We call on all who have been returned to power to see their election not as a personal or party-political triumph but an opportunity to build a more accountable and inclusive government. We look forward to the announcement of a Cabinet of confident and competent ministers who will provide firm and clear guidance in our effort to create a better life for all.

I urge the Catholic community to keep all our leaders in prayer and to do everything we can to entrench a culture of respect and responsibility, so  that human rights may extend to all.

Mary Assumed into Heaven, Patroness of South Africa, we commit our country and our future to your intercession and care.

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier
Archbishop of Durban
Spokesman for the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference.
Fr Chris Townsend
Information Officer of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference.
Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference (SACBC
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Khanya House - 399 Paul Kruger Street, Pretoria, 0001
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