Tuesday, March 24, 2009

South Africa: DA (Democratic Alliance): queries the possible dropping of over 700 Charges against ANC president on corruption

(Social Justice South Africa ; c.f. News24 (South African; Independent; Secular) 23 / 03 / 2009 ; 22 / 03 / 2009 )

Article by Marc Aupiais

In an email received from the Democratic Alliance (DA), we received the following information. Note, this is a quotation of an important source: we do not imply that it is accurate, nor do we imply that we in any way share or endorse the views expressed by members of the DA ("Democratic Alliance"), or others herein quoted:

Note: "Hellen Zille" is an ex-ANC member, and Struggle hero: she is leader of the DA: South Africa's major Opposition party. The DA, is the "Democratic Alliance": though its name has changed, under "Hellen Suzzman": during Apartheid: it was a strong opposition to the Apartheid system.

The ANC: is the "African National Congress": the Party "Nelson Mandela" came to power in. They support "Abortion": without mandatory councilling for minors: and a ten year prison sentence for attempting to prevent a legislated "abortion", they forced MPS to vote to legalize "Gay Marriage", and important supporters of this party, have seemingly called for bloodshed if "Jacob Zuma" does not become president: they intimidated voters in a recent by-election, and there have been violent clashes in Kwazulu-Natal between ANC and IFP (Inkata Freedom Party) supporters. The Dalai Lama was recently refused entrance into South Africa. South Africa's ruling party is communist affiliated: and let South Africa's textile industry crash basically out of existence: in order to allow "free trade" with China. The ANC does not release who their financial backers are: which has also caused concern: especially due to accusations that an "Arms Deal"'s spinoffs benefitted the majority party in South Africa.

The releasing of a man, "Shabir Shaik": accused of a generally corrupt Relationship with "Jacob Zuma": and convicted of this: on "health issues", not released to the public, recently caused outcry: with local newspaper headlines, and the lawyer for the doctors who treated him (appearing on SABC News (government station)): saying that claims that he was on his deathbed: were fabricated, and with a refusal of a judicial overview by the person responsible for his release. The ANC recently removed the previous head of the NPA, despite his name apparently being cleared of wrongdoing.

To my understanding: the NPA, has yet top actually drop charges against Jacob Zuma: but is likely to, unless something is done: according to the Star Newspaper (a member of IOL).

Quotation of the DA email we received:

"DA requests sight of Jacob Zuma’s representations to the NPA

On Sunday, DA leader Helen Zille wrote to the Acting National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) requesting him to furnish the DA with the representations made by Jacob Zuma and the ANC to the National Prosecuting Authority.

This comes after last week’s decision by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) that the DA had the right to make representations as the NPA reviews its decision whether or not to prosecute Jacob Zuma.

"Section 179(5)(d)(iii) of the Constitution states that the National Director may review a decision to prosecute or not to prosecute, after taking representations from any other person or party, besides the accused and the complainant, whom the ‘National Director considers to be relevant’,” said DA leader Helen Zille.

“As the official opposition, and as a political party represented in national, provincial and municipal spheres of government, the DA has a special constitutional role in upholding the rule of law, and the spirit and letter of the Constitution itself.”

Zille said that she believed that the DA would be in a position to make a compelling case for the prosecution of Jacob Zuma based on information already in the public domain. However, in order to address all the pertinent facts at issue, the DA required urgent sight of the representations made to the NPA by Mr Zuma and the African National Congress.

“All indications are that Jacob Zuma’s representations have prompted the NPA to review its decision to prosecute. This is despite the reportedly overwhelming prima facie evidence that obliges the NPA to continue with the prosecution,” she said.

Zille said that press reports on Friday indicated that alleged wrongdoing by former President Thabo Mbeki form the basis of Jacob Zuma’s representations to the NPA.

“If these reports are true, it would seem that, on face of it, such representations would not be sufficient for the NPA to drop the charges against Mr Zuma.”

She said that Mr Mbeki’s case was immaterial to the charges against Mr Zuma.

“If there is evidence that suggests Mr Mbeki acted illegally, then the NPA must charge him and continue with the prosecution of Mr Zuma.”

“Given the uncertainty as to the content of Jacob Zuma’s representations – and the apparently crucial role that they are set to play in the NPA’s decision – it is only proper that the DA is afforded the opportunity to study Jacob Zuma’s representations to the NPA and respond accordingly.” "

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