Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Pick and Pay" and Anti-Christianity: Pick and pay Withdraws highly offensive magazine from shelves

(Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

"Sax Appeal", a University of Cape Town (UCT) charity sold magazine/publication: recently attacked, and mocked Christianity: especially Fundamentalism (Baptists ("Evangelical" Christianity: I am unsure if the magazine said anything of the ritual of "Baptism": I refer to the Protestant Religion, and its counterparts) etc, in a manner which was hurtful, and does not reflect any sort of tolerance seemingly: from the publishers). While I have not heard of anything in it: as mentioned by Carte Blanch (a leading secular South African journalism program, which informed the public of the issue, whose coverage is how we know of the contents of the given Magazine) aimed at Catholicism in particular, the magazine does however attack Christianity. Any attack on some of Christianity: taking this form: is an attack on all of Christianity.

I am shocked, that Pick and Pay ("Pick 'n Pay"), the main sponsor of the efforts, of "Sax Appeal": did not vet what they were promoting, nor what they were selling on their shelves. A person who launched a boycott of Pick and Pay: seems to be calling for a reverse, even apologizing. The fact remains, that the organization, decided to allow a magazine to be sold in their stores, and to promote such campaign: when it seemingly directly attacked a small grouping within Christianity: and by this: religion, and Christianity as a whole, and good feelings as a whole, have suffered.

"Pick and Pay" have withdrawn the publication from their shelves: however, if a similar thing occurs again, this issue will need much more serious thought. As it is "Freedom of Expression", in a manner which causes hatred of religion, or creates greator tension towards atheists: who are more likely to be perceived angrily, or anger towards University Institutions: and prevents rational dialogue: as such cartoons likely would: then such should never be tolerated by society in general.

I personally advise any Catholic never again to buy "Sax Appeal": in fact, to go further, and research any "charity" before supporting it in any way. Too often: one's money goes towards funding, or supporting "abortion": as with "Human Rights Watch", and "Amnesty International" funding, or else: in this situation, and with some religious, and other groupings: towards promoting hatred of groups of people: and the ridicule of different members of society, and marginalization of the groups which so often are those who protect our democracy.

Personally, I am even more a supporter of the "Woolworths" (simply a competitor of Pick and Pay, who I have not heard of any similar controversies from) brand over that of "Pick and Pay", currently. Such a choice to place such things on their shelves: without vetting it: concerns me.

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