Sunday, March 15, 2009

Northern Ireland; Great Britain/Ireland; EU: Europe: 3rd arrest over police killings

(Social Justice South Africa; BBC World News (Governmental; British; Secular) 14 / 03 / 2009; NBews 24 (Secular; Independent; South African: Article from AFP: French; Independent; Secular: somewhat left leaning) 13 / 03 / 2009; Archive: 11 / March / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

"Father Aidan Troy", a Catholic Priest: on Saturday, was reported, as asking that the British territory, of Northern Ireland's government: open dialogue, with IRA splinter groups, who continue an armed struggle against British rule in Northern Ireland. He believed lives could be saved by such.

"Paul Goggins", Northern Ireland's Minister of Security, however ruled out any communication, with those not happy with the result of negotiations between the IRA's previous ally: Sinn Fien, and the British Government, about a decade ago.

Following the deaths: of two British Soldiers, in Northern Ireland, last weekend, a policeman had also been killed. On the death of the Policeman: Police on Friday: had arrested a third suspect. Responsibility for recent terrorism, has been claimed both by the so-called "Real IRA': having killed the two soldiers, and the "Continuity IRA": who killed the policeman. Public support in Northern Ireland: among Catholics, and pro-"Republicans", for the original IRA: has not extended to splinter groups, since a peace process was worked out, between Sinn Fien, now a political mainstream party in the region, and the British.

Pope Benedict XVI: decried the murders as wrong, as terrorism, and as a danger to the "Peace Process", in Northern Ireland(Archive: 11 / March / 2009), and it is unlikely that these two new incidences will do much to alter the political scene in Ireland.

The IRA, itself: was condemned for terrorist activities by the Catholic church. Sinn Fien, which some still associate with the old IRA ("Irish Republican Army"), which unlike the IRA, when still operational: desires to have Northern Ireland Join Ireland by peaceful, political means: has more than predictably condemned the killings.

The killings seem to hint at a higher death rate than seen in a long while in Northern Ireland. They may have been prompted by, possibly ill-timed, and unwise: new efforts by the British: to weed out the last latent splinters of the IRA, who remain armed.

Northern Ireland has some autonomy from Britain: British Abortion laws: for instance do not extent to the semi-autonomous region, however: it is not independent of Britain, nor has it gained freedom from the "United Kingdom", as Southern Ireland ("The Republic of Ireland") did.

British Descendants of troops once sent to occupy Ireland, who later settled in the Northern region, who have demographically often been "Protestant", and those who were occupied by Britain, and desire to join Southern Ireland(Demographically mostly "Catholics"), disagree over which territory, and into which country, "Northern Ireland" should belong.

The control of what was once mainstream British Protestantism: by the British crown, certainly at one stage played a part in the disagreement: between those supporting Ireland, and those for "Great Britain".

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