Saturday, March 21, 2009

Journey: The fallacy of pain and suffering

(Journey in A Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Now, we have this issue: this so-called "Problem of pain and suffering", seemingly invented by Atheists, and not-so-skeptics throughout the world: as though pain disproved god: or as though it were better to be dead, than in major pain. Truly: what an emotional, irrational, and unintelligible idea: an idea i shall refute right this moment: truly: before now I thought it too pathetic to even gauge: but it seems some persons actually believe in the "pain and suffering" fallacy: and that I as an apologist: am in some way to be inclined to answer this to my many viewers.

Now, it usually starts out: how could a Good God create pain and suffering. My first response is: since when is God "Good"?

You see, we have this concept: all of us: I first remember seeing this being: when picturing the historic event of the Big Bang, or at last what is historically thought, and believed to be the big bang. Around the bang: I imagined space where there was none. The big bang: that was matter, existence: yet outside of it was something metaphysical: outside of it, was Reality.

Reality has always been there: it is not matter: that ever changing form: but rather: it remains the same always: it is eternal, infinite, and indestructible. We can destroy matter, even our universe: but not reality: the mainframe of our existence. We are not reality, and Reality is not us: we, matter: only exist in reality: and are endlessly aspiring to be like it.

We seek to be immortal, to be known by all people, to seem constant, or to appear powerful, or mysterious. We wish we were impervious: Reality, is.

Now, if Reality is the requirement for all existence: the rock on which we rely, and the ocean in which matter floats: then, surely: any so-called "God": must rely on reality to exist, and therefore: does not exist: unless such "God": is reality.

Reality has all the attributes of God, of the divine: and we all rely on it to exist: also, our behaviour always attempts to mimic it.

Pain, is an evolutionary reaction: a warning: that we are more likely to die: to seemingly become less like eternal reality: it also reminds us we are not impervious: for this reason: we hate pain: we are taught pain is bad.

In reality: Reality is what we love: we either attempt to mimic it in context as best we are able: or we envy and hate it: for the fact we will never be it. In that we hate pain: we hate that we are not reality: we seek to usurp it, to take a position higher than that bestowed upon us by Reality, and such things.

Now, if reality always has been, and maintains all things: it cannot rely on anything to exist: except itself: and more than that: everything that exists: must be firstly originated in Reality, and secondly, consistently maintained by Reality.

That does not include evil: that which is less like Reality: but rather: Evil: is what we name that which is the breaking up of the synchronous whole.

Reality: therefore: must be aware: whether awareness is an illusion, or anything at all.

If there is the possibility of cause and effect: of one creature creating another, creating another: with another: then Reality: must be more than one person: at least three persons in fact: but being Reality: these must be whole: and each eternal, each one.

And so: people say that a "Good" God would not create evil: would not create pain, suffering: but a Real God could not create himself: only that which is less than himself: and the less like God we are the more "evil": whether physically, or spiritually.

Therefore: we know that pain is designed to maintain our Realness: and to keep us alive: to kill a person because they are, have or will experience pain: is illogical. To kill your child, having experienced rape: also solves nothing: to save yourself from that trauma: requires a psychological solution: and murdering your Fetus: will only create greater pain. To overcome rape: you must realize that the greatest harm has not been done to you: you exist: someone had power over you: but they did not succeed in using it utterly: only in part. Fate, life has combated them: where death was upon you: Fate created life: life unique of the father. You would not kill your three year old because he reminds you of your husband who raped you: do not kill a younger life. You are victorious, you are alive: and the only reason that you are angry: is partly due to injustice: but also: because you were made vulnerable: your life seems less sure: you seem less like reality: ...admit: you are not Reality are matter: and rely on Reality: and hope reverse the cancer of death: by bringing another mimicker of Reality into life more fully than it is.

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