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Harvard University, Russian Patriach, and others Back pope's statements on Condoms

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Article by Marc Aupiais

Pope benedict XVI, has famously stated that distributing Condoms, not only does not curb the HIV/AIDS Virus: but increases infections. Those agreeing with him, are multiple: and scientific. From Religious support, from Russian Orthodox Patriarch, Kirill: who spoke via: "Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations"'s , "Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin", to Harvard University's: "AIDS Prevention Research Project at the Harvard University Center for Population and Development Studies": who have stood by the papacy's remarks. As the french government Criticized benecit XVI: for pointing out that Condoms are not a cure to HIV/AIDS: so, 2 French Deputies have also supported the Papacy in these statements.

"Edward C. Green", according to a conservative news source who reported his statements, of the "AIDS Prevention Research Project at the Harvard University Center for Population and Development Studies", has stated that in 25 years of study, they have found no link between the distribution of Condoms, and reduction in the spread of HIV/AIDS: something pointed out previously by American Civial and Religious Rights Grouping: "Catholic League": who pointed out an increase in STDs, as the New York mayor: increased distribution of condoms. The project Noted: promotes the "Ugandan" approach to HIV/AIDS: ABC ("Abstain, Be Faithful, or us condoms"): the c part of such is inconsistent with Catholic Social Teachings, and dogma: but the focuss of such on changing behaviour: has shown to have some success in curbing HIV/AIDS: while approaches such as that used by South Africa: promoting condoms: have failed in the fight against HIV/AIDS: if many sources are to be believed.

In Statements made last year, the same organization's director: also, as recorded in another source: made similar statements: saying that South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe who have the highest proportion of condoms available: also seemed to have the highest HIV/AIDS infection rates: and that as distribution of Condoms skyrocketed, so did the spread of HIV/AIDS: in commenting on research between 1989 and 2001.

"Norman Hearst", of the university of California: who was tasked to do research on HIV/AIDS: found that as condom distribution became more successful: so HIV/AIDS was seen to spread in such: and that Condoms had not reversed the tide of the disease, just the opposite. UNAIDS: who commissioned him to do the study: did not publish the results.

While the Ugandan approach which mentions condoms: but focuses on abstinence: showed a decrease in HIV/AIDS infections from 15% of the population to 5% of the population in the period of 1991 to 2001, every country which focuses on condoms has had an increase in the Virus.

The Russian orthodox backs the view of the Vatican: that abstinence and chastity are the best tools in fighting HIV/AIDS, according to a release on their French official website: Noted in today's email of dispatches to subscribers of Catholic "Zenit News" Agency.

"Christian Vanneste", and "Jacques Remiller": are French officials, who have disagreed with the French state over Benedict XVI's statements: they say these have been exagerated, distorted, and twisted. Neither spoke via official state communications: choosing instead to voice their dissent via the format of their blogs. Both took different views: but thought that their politicians were unjust in their attacks, on the pontiff. They seemed to think that Benedict XVI's approach was more long term, and in the long term was more likely to solve the problem: than the "band aid" approach of Condoms: which risked increasing the behaviors which spread HIV/AIDS most horrifically.

Support for the statements of the pope: calling for behavioral change: have also been greeted positively by an Anglican priest: and columnist : "George Pitcher" for the "Telegraph": on the 18th of this month: under the headline: "Why the Pope is right about condoms", who agrees that behavioral change is the best longterm solution. he also notes that the Papacy is sticking to the beliefs it believes are sent down to them via the Apostles. "George Pitcher" in "religion editor" for the "Daily telegraph" and the "Sunday Telegraph".

The comments by the pope, were in response to a question by a French journalist, asking for justification of the Catholic Church's views on condoms.

According to Reuters: the Angolan government will not enjoy the statements made by the papacy on the plane, nearing their country. Angola has only a 2.1% AIDS ration: lower than most other countries. Reuter's article credits the Angolan war with preventing the spread of the disease.

The Angolan government has been attempting to follow in the failing footsteps of other African countries: via the distribution of condoms.

The Pope attempted to promote peace, love, hope, and a stable society, during his visit to Angola: where he was greeted positively by: Jose Eduardo dos Santos, in the Angolan Presidential palace.

Angola is still recovering from decades (27 years) of civil war. Both the Angolan, and Cameroon leadership have been accused of squandering resources, and of corruption.

In addition to meeting Angola's leadership: the Roman Catholic Pontiff also met representation of Cameroon's Muslim minority.

South Africa's "TAC" ("Treatment Action Campaign"), Via "Rebecca Hodes": has accused the Catholic church of helping to spread HIV/AIDS: the grouping is known for promoting condoms in South Africa: and contests the research of the Harvard and other research programs: without even mentioning them: they have claimed that condoms work: despite a lack of success in curbing HIV/AIDS in South Africa. The TAC, has attacked the Catholic pontiff as not connected with Africa. The TAC, has been suffering lately from a lack of funding: they distribute over 1 000 000 condoms a month in a single township, never mind their national campaigns. The South African Government recently used Facebook: to promote a "National Contraception Day". Before efforts to force the "South African" Government to distribute Anti-retrovirals: the catholic Church was the only body treating HIV/Aids patients effectively in the country: and remains one of the major forces fighting HIV/AIDS, and the stigma attached to it: throughout the African continent and the world.

The TAC, was recently worried about a shortage of Condoms in "South Africa": a country which has yet to curb the spread of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

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