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Caritas Internationalis: We are innocent: We Explicitly reject Abortion: LifeSiteNews Misrepresented/Misunderstood a UN Document- we have the release

(Social Justice South Africa )

Article by Marc Aupiais
Note from the Editor:
"Caritas Internationalis: is a Catholic Relief Umbrella Organization for over 160 Catholic Charities, which have Catholic and non-Catholic staff, and serve people regardless of creed, it is News source operating out of whichever local country is releasing information. While we do not guarantee their contents, we do enjoy their site, and find them of much benefit."
For legal purposes, we must note: firstly that we did receive this message from Caritas Internationalis, and secondly, that we do not guarantee the accuracy of their views. We have however had a good track record with this organization: who we do not have very much reason to doubt: considering their general track record:

According to Caritas Internationalis: the report on, a prominent pro-life source: either misunderstood, or misrepresented a document which involved aims, by some NGO's to promote abortion: the signatures of five organizations supported by "Development and Peace": were in fact not endorsing the views of others: who supported legalizing abortion: according to Caritas Internationalis: the signatures were more similar to an attendance roster: according to the organization: verifying an organization's own contribution: but not an endorsement or promotion of Abortion in Mexico. Caritas Internationalis says they have used the articles as a basis for an investigation: and have found that the organizations were not guilty of such: to gain access to such: read to two PDF files. The document was part of a project commissioned by a UN organization: to gain the opinions of several NGOs, and was apparently also signed by several other church affiliated groupings.  Marc Aupiais: Editor.

Details of Message received at16:01 (42 minutes ago), Today, In reply to a request made by myself to Caritas Internationalis:

"---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Lesley-Anne Knight >
Date: 2009/3/21
Subject: FW: Letter to Canadian Bishops and Archbishops from Development and Peace and profile of 5 partners in Mexico
To: "

Attachments received with message from Caritas Internationalis:

Download all attachments received in this message as a .ZIP file:


Download each file individually:



Textual Contents of email:

"Dear Marc,

Thank you for your email and your concern around reports that Caritas Canada (Development and Peace) was alleged to have funded pro-abortion activists.

Firstly I would like to reassure you that all member organizations of Caritas Internationalis are obliged to uphold Catholic Social Teaching in all their humanitarian, development and advocacy programmes.  No funding whatsoever, whether from state, corporate or voluntary sources, may be provided through Caritas organizations to any activities which do not conform with Catholic Social Teaching.

The Chief Executive of Development and Peace in Canada has provided me with a copy of a recent letter to the Canadian Bishops on this issue as well as a profile of the Mexican Partners referred to in the LifeSiteNews.   Could I also say that I was personally shocked that such news about one of our most effective Caritas organizations appeared in LifeSiteNews.  I can only reiterate the statement made by Development and Peace, as attached, which I fully endorse and highlight the following:

As a Catholic organization, Development and Peace are in full communion with the Catholic Church in Canada and the Bishops of Canada on all moral and ethical issues governed by the teachings of the Catholic Church. Their work is devoted to social justice in solidarity with the poor and oppressed, promoting a global culture of peace and justice based on a profound belief in the sacredness of all life and the dignity of the human person– including the unborn – as a central tenet of our faith.

It is inconceivable that an organization of the Catholic Church, such as Development and Peace is, would support any activities that contravene Catholic doctrine or Catholic Social Teaching, particularly activities relating to abortion.

Let there be no mistake:
1. Development and Peace has never supported abortion services anywhere, at any time, and cannot ever support such projects.
2. Development and Peace has never and will never enter into partnership with any organization offering such services. Should they become aware that a partner organization has changed its mandate and begins offering such services, they would be immediately cut off from partnership support and funding.
3. Development and Peace is committed to remaining vigilant regarding any partner’s actions that would place them by association at variance with Church teaching. Should they fail to act on this information, they would lose their raison d’être and the support of the Canadian bishops, Catholic members and donors as well as their membership of Caritas Internationalis.

I hope this provides you with the reassurance you seek. 

With thanks for your solidarity and prayers.
Yours in Christ,
Lesley-Anne Knight
Secretary General


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