Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cameroon: "More a Dictatorship, than a democracy": Catholic Cardinal

(Social Justice South Africa ; c.f. Reuters (Secular; British; Independent) 21 / 03 / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

--Yesterday-- Saturday 21 - 03 - 2009 -- Politics-- African Democracy--

Christian Wiyghan Cardinal Tumi (Cardinal Tumi), of the archdiocese of Douala, in Cameroon: was noted years ago: as saying that the "Law of the Strongest", governed Cameroon: that Benedict XVI : asked that this same "Law of the Strongest", be prevented from continuing in Africa: is significant.

"Cardinal Christian Tumi ", has been a conistent government critic, and at times has risked much in Cameroon: to secure the rights of Christians. Recently, in an interview with Reuters News: he said: of the Cameroonian government:

"I don't think that there is a policy for dialogue with any group that expresses discontent ... They are nearer a dictatorship than a democracy,"
(Reuters (Secular; British; Independent) 21/ 03 / 2009)

It is feared that Cameroon, is highly corrupt, and it disturbed some to see the Roman Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI : bless the Cameroonian president: "Paul Biya", who met the pontiff with open arms.

Like Jesus, however: it is noted that Benedict XVI: is not just sent to the good, but to the sinner. The Cardinal warned "Paul Biya" "'s government: that if they continue to to seemingly neglect the needs of the people: Madagascar could happen to them also. Madagascar was recently violently seized via rioting, and an army coop: on accusations of mismanagement. Ironically: the Madagascan government: declared illegitimate by SADC ("Southern African Development Community"), and EU ("European Union") rules: will soon likely face tough sanctions: for allegedly unconstitutional usurping of a valid government.

The opinions of Cardinals, or bishops, may, or may not reflect those of the hierarchy.

Corruption in Africa, is a deep problem: sometimes even taking the guise of rules and regulations. Benedict XVI: has attempted to take a stance against corruption in his recent visit to Africa.

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