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ANC president to be out of court's way: because of "illegal" tap on former RSA president?

(Altered Persuasion )

(Altered? As possibly guessed by some: Altered Persuasion, is where we ask controversial questions, and write articles, which may be controversial, or opinion, or satire, or sarcasm, and may have no real, or even apparent or Prima Facie result, or Prima Facie unintentional intent, except to question.
Persuasion: do I have to define it? Being Editor means I don't, unless my audience demands it: tough decision, really: ok, I won't define it: just out of pure boredom, and, aren't definitions so controversial: does life begin when it begins, or when the poor little thing has first breathed?)

(as is obligatory for an Editor:)

Article by Marc Aupiais

--article updated to edit out errors--

"Zuma" (a.k.a. get me my "shower" to avoid "the HIV", and "women in short dresses": they want my Zulu manliness: even if they are an infected AIDS activist (now in exile, fearing for her life)) , "Jacob" (Machine gun song) "Zuma": has done everything to avoid having his corruption, tax-evasion etc trial from going to court: after originally asking for his "day in court": it seems, that not every politician gets "their day": court: according to fascinating daily and weekly newspapers that is:

So, while we are talking about "Zuma"'s 8 (That's eight but maybe more or less: it's such a constant, we forget sometimes) years suspended by "something" from going to "court" (really ... someone "should" (but likely won't) be sued for wasting taxpayer's time): now, he seems to have gotten a more failsafe solution, if newspaper reports are to be believed: apparently ("Sunday Independent": of the IOL group: says it is likely) the "National Prosecuting Authority" ("NPA") is about to drop charges again who they call "Mr. Zuma": based on seemingly allegedly illegally gathered evidence of a "political" conspiracy against the alleged (according to previous allegations made by said alleged "NPA") "corruptioneer", and tax shaking dance man: if they are to have been believed previously.

I always knew the "ANC" liked "abortions": who knew it extended to days in court!

Over 700 charges are expected to be dropped from the docket: allegedly according to mainstream journalism: because a former "Scorpion's" (Disbanded (during "Zuma/Selebi Fiasco") "RSA" version of he "FBI") boss told the (now gotten rid of, or is it taken care of, but he still is alive) president he was loyal to the presidency? and because someone was allegedly "illegally" monitoring "presidential communications" at this time: so that these allegedly illegal "intelligence" tapes: have landed squarely with "Mr Shower to get rid of HIV. J.  Zuma"'s Lawyers' desks. Last time I looked: illegally gathered information is "inadmissible" in court: if the "NPA" really has a "Prima Facie" case against "Comrade" (The "Showering" "away" "the HIV", "machine gun" wielding: or at least-ing-ly singing about that: sing and dance showman) "Zuma": then a couple of tapes resembling "blackmail" shouldn't do much to change their decision. They are, after all, if "illegally" gathered: as the "Sunday Independent" ("The Thinking Man's [Sunday Read]": and better than "that" (to quote what's "that": previous American President: Clinton?) "Sunday Times": which I myself may delay a trial over, if I were to read it: to prevent people knowing I had read it?): not worth much in court, if illegally gathered: that is.

As the plot thickens, and I laugh un-gaily (For once the illiterate section of is he Catholic group will be right: even though that is an old english word: meaning happily: the bigger cue is the name of this service: "South African Catholic"), in a sarcastic smile about "South Africa"'s "Ruling" "ANC"'s: (in the) "Mail and Guardian": alleged "funding" from the "Chinese" "Communist Party" (can't be too careful:

with quotation marks)
(Or with formatting and Grammar):

Meanwhile: the "choice" to bar the "Dalai Lama" (Who just for "that" government official: who allegedly asked "who is the Dalai Lama anyway" (paraphrase): is not a Llama: but the leader ("allegedly" in "Exile") of what used to be called "TIBET": but which Google Maps calmly responds: and  calls: "Xizang, China" , even If I say it in CAPITAL letters in an angry internet voice to it(Sad face!))  from getting a Visa to "South Africa": in case, what: he chooses to mention the fact he is allegedly "exiled" from his "home" "country": where article 2 section d genocide is possibly, maybe just being committed against his people, among other human rights abuses: really: these "pacifists  when occupied by Chinese human rights reports mentioned: gaily viewing Chinese": are a huge "threat" to our balance sheet aren't they? Except when we see how many textile and other workers have lost everything in exchange for "fair" "trade" with China: whom the "Mail And Guardian" says are allegedly funding the "ANC" ("African National Congress") election campaign: along with "Libya" et al.

As to the ANC's new reported hopefully really really please be fractional section of Afrikaaner supporters: that: to "Showerman's possible (if he minds it at all) Dismay" will probably call it the "Aaaahhhhh, Een, Seer"(: the point of which: is that such sounds quite contented), but their sighs of contentment (disliked by other Afrikaaners, who support the DA, COPE, or the FF+ et al: and who amazingly also either pronounce the letters ANC in Afrikaans, or in English): under "Jacob" "Shower-man" "Zuma"'s rule during a recession: may be disturbed by the fact that the man never got his Senior Certificate from school?!

Question: if the "ANC" did receive "arms deal" money, which could have gone into an "Alms Deal": does that make them an "illegitimate government" (to quote us on "Madagascar"'s new "president": who admittedly are a "government" created via what "South Africa", or some nation somewhere calls an "unconstitutional" "coop") these past few years: for what would be use of state power to aid their election wants, and question 2, do "Oilgate" and "Travelgate" and the new and improved "Zumagate", and "Shaik-gate" and now allegedly "Mbekigate": influence the legitimacy of the "Republic" part of a  "South African" state: and Question 3: can't mainstream journalists come up with a name for an alleged scandal: not involving the word "Gate": or do they just reminiscent of "Watergate": and hope for the same, or is it "just to sell newspapers", or maybe it is "easier that way"?

Speaking of which: what happened to having a "Constitution", on their side: is largely unknown to SUM$ of the politically less connected "South Africans": it seems to some commentators: that "political connections", and "intelligence" on the prosecutors, prosecuting you, and if possible the president of the "republic" at "that" time: are what "rule" "South Africa". One need only view "Travel Gate" (no reference to airport "gates"), or the "arms deal" (I know, no Capitals, bad me for that spelling, I mean grammar: "Error"?: but we could have spared allot of SA capital there: and no: it isn't the "Alms Deal": that is what many of the people wanted then though) to be a little scared. As to religious rights: wouldn't someone object if the "Pope" were denied entry into South Africa: I am sure that the "Dalai Lama" fiasco (No, he isn't a Llama, for those more of note people, who may think so (actually explained that one the other day: sort of, I think?): and as a person: shouldn't he have rights under our "Constitution?") is something to do with religious rights, or maybe it is just the "religious right" who think that: and isn't buying "Chinese" "child"-labour produced products, and making them (or Chinese clothing) almost the only option for us poor consumers to buy against the section 28 c of the "constitution" part of our "Constitution": you know: involving "Child Labour"?

As to "that" evidence "that" "that" "Dalai Lama" may mention that he is  "allegedly" in "exile" from "Tibet" ("which" Google" maps" doesn't believe is a place (When I entered "Narinia": it took me to Narni TR, Italy: when I entered "Middle Earth": it took me to: "Middle Earth, Solomons, MD, USA", and not to "New Zealand" ): mind you, "Google" "likes" their "Chinese" "market"): the now "alleged" (by me) "question" is: "is the alleged intelligence: from that 'Chinese' 'based' 'computer' 'spying' 'network'": which "compromised" 'Dalai Lama' (is it wrong that a really special: Google's spell-check which I really do use: lets me write "Dalai Llama", or that it thinks Dalai is a spelling mistake? ) 'Centers' throughout the 'world'?

On a lighter note: our 'Chinese' made clothes, are quite comfortable: and the bloodstains of possible child labour, and the fired "R"SA textile industry: and those (really did try to use "That") foreign based human rights abuses: oh well: child labour doesn't show up as much: that is: when everyone's possibly wearing it:

As they say: "Africa isn't for" (word omitted): and it's true: it's for corruptionaires and '"gaters": after all: we need to have something better than crocodiles when we don't have alligators...

If there were a scandal involving "Bill Gates": would the Press call it "Gate-Gate"?

Pax, and Caelum Tecum: but not too soon; I still want you to read my fascinating satirical editorials!
"Rest in Peace", and wake up refreshed.

Marc Aupiais
Editor of "South African Catholic": hoping not to get too many complaint letters about my article: which is surprisingly not "PC", even though I wrote it on a "PC". Speaking of which, I think that like today: I often get the Blue Screen of Death when covering certain, um, issues: am I infected with that network: "Ghostnet", was it?

Maybe those were those infections my software discovered this morning ...?

If I don't have a "web-cam": can they use my non-existent "web-cam" on me: and if I do: can they choose not to?

Yes, I am in one of those moods: and the best cure would be for the NPA not to drop those all important charges!

RIP what was possibly once the "reputation" "of" "Human Rights" "Famous" "South Africa": I have dearly loved you so (or was it Lint Chocolate, I love?)?, oops I mean Pax tecum my hopefully (please please be): loyal audience: apparently "South Africa" "lost" it's "Human Rights" "reputation" "long" "ago": and I thin' the "United Nations"' "Security Council" had something to do with it?!

God bless, 
Marc Aupiais
Not Again? (Sarcastic Smiling face)I forgot to take off the cross off feature, didn't I?

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