Sunday, March 15, 2009

America:USA: Tridentine South Africa: "American "Democrats'": Anti-Catholic Bill Failed to Pass (4 days ago)

(Tridentine South Africa ; c.f. AP (Secular; American; Independent) 11 / 03 / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

A bill, supported by the American "Democratic" party, of Barak Obama: and aimed at taking control of the Catholic church in Connecticut, away from the Vatican: had failed to pass ...for now that is. The Democrats have only agreed to kill the bill for one year.

On the Tuesday, it was scrapped, on the Wednesday: it is estimated 3,500 (Three Thousand Five hundred) Catholics still took to the streets, having already had the bill fading-ly scrapped for one year. America's leadership's consistent ignoring of Catholic concerns, under "Democratic"party leadership: has struck a negative chord: which Catholic voters furious, as with the possibility of the currently suspended: "Religious Corporations" bill, being reintroduced next year.

The guilty party in this case, is the Democratic party. Lawmakers: "Sen. McDonald, Rep. Michael Lawlor"(AP (Secular; American; Independent) 11 / 03 / 2009), fronted the legislation: to take away apostolic/ecclesiastic control over Catholic finances: that it was aimed at Catholics, in particular: a grouping whose leaders often appose the Democrats, has been viewed harshly by Catholic media. According to catholic media: the bill, like one from over 100 years ago: would have the effect of taking away control of the church, from the hierarchy. This: especially, as those who would be allowed on "trustee" boards: excluded Clergy.

The American "Democratic" party/ American "Democrats", are known for pro-"gay"-marriage, pro-"abortion", and pro-"banker" policies. It just so happens that Obama made clear promises to American Abortion Firm: Planned Parenthood; who the Democrats insure can teach sexual education at schools (an independent survey found that those taking this education were more likely to fall pregnant as teens, and thus have abortions), and also whom Obama pathetically attempts to insure: get top dollar for their, um... "services" against what the church terms humanity.

Bankers: a major funding source for the Democrats, have not surprisingly gained top dollar: in a so-called bailout: despite analysis that further liquidity to already saturated banks would not solve anything.

So, as the Catholic church apposes abortion, gay-"marriage", and other such legislation, and what some consider irresopsible use of money: or maybe for another reason: suddenly, the "Democrats": have attempted to take control over church property, and finances in Connecticut: and place it in the hands of people: not allowed to be clergy. Such property, of course is being kept, by the bishops for the Vatican: a foreign nation: which does allot of charitible, and religious work in America. An organization: which has consistently lambasted Obama.

Even Vietnam, and China: had not attempted as subverted an attempt to split the Catholic church: the Chinese state "Public" Catholic Church, and Vietnamese land-grabs of church property: at least allow clergy to have some say over "Church" affairs.

According to some internet rumours: those behind the bill: were the "Voice of the People" organization, an ecclesiastically banned organization: who want to usurp the pope, and take away all power of the Vatican, and Catholic bishops over church affairs.

Whatever the source of the bill: news sources, such as American Papist, and Headline Bistro: attacked the bill, and with the help of the local church in Connecticut, squashed the bill for now. Other bills considered anti-Catholic: which were squashed previously: included one requiring priests to break the sacrament of Confession (an action for which they would be excommunicated), in order to report sexual abuse dangers.

It was alleged by opponents of the bill, including the "Catholic League", that it transgressed separation of church and state, and further: was unconstitutional.

Coneticut, is governed by a Republican governor, who apposed the fronted legislation. It did not surprise many that the Republicans, a party which gains support from Protestant Christians: apposed the bill, while the "Democrats", known for anti-religious; pro-abortion, pro-gay-"marriage" ideology, and for publicly abusing, denying, and twisting Catholic dogma, and doctrine in order to gain the support of "Catholics" during the recent election: had in addition to such supported the bill.

A similar bill passed over a hundred yeas ago: resulting in schisms in many local parishes. The bill "justified" itself in a single sited case: where a priest abused parish funds in unjust enrichment, and was subsequently punished. While relatively rare: this isolated, of alleged theft of parish funds incident: was used in what seemed to many to be a land-grab: in which Catholic power over American politics, could be disrupted somewhat.

While unsuccessful: the bill could be re-suggested next year: leading Catholic media to remain suspicious.

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