Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Sun newspaper's Irish edition has dropped the bare breasted coverage of UK's Sun Page 3.

The Guardian daily of Great Britain, reports that the Sun newspaper's Irish edition has dropped the bare breasted coverage of UK's Sun Page 3.

The Sun newspaper of Great Britain praised the supposed journalistic greatness of their Tom Peepery Page 3, said Irish culture is different.

One customer of the Irish version of the Sun, reportedly made a demand that they bring back Bare Breasted Page 3. Just one, no one else. Otherwise, the decision to have less revealing images has gone over rather well, for the Irish Edition.

Peeping Toms no doubt will be satisfied that Page three in the Irish Edition, still has mostly topless women in compromising images the Sun daily's contents on following days assured. Just not bare breasted. Topless, but not bare breasted. Which one can assume is a bit of a change at least. The Guardian certainly took some satisfaction in the change.

Perhaps UK edition shall one day change its coverage as the Irish one did. Perhaps. Just perhaps. Fortunately the slightly less obscene but still obscene edition's change of graphic content for less graphic content, was only met by a slight peep, from just one peeping Tom. Perhaps further moves towards almost decency will one day be pursued by the pervert's favourite paper.

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